Level 1 News - aesthetics

Can we all pitch in and amazon Krista a cheapo green or blue screen so that we can get rid of the square, then its like she is actually there!!!

My touch would be to reduce her to 1/4 size, then have her upstage (downstage) on the desk as a keepsake - if she is game.


best we can do is move the Mannequin in the middle and superimpose the square on top


Is there a donation pool for this? Idk how much these things cost nor what kind they would want to get, but I wouldn’t mind contributing

you don’t need a green screen you can do it in software

not many people actually watch the news as they listen on the way to work or have it minimized while they are working or playing games

Patreon. Ko-fi. Level1 store.

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Show me one software that is actually not shit at that. I have not seen one yet, ever.

Test Nvidia Broadcast on the news, then make a video about it.
Profit :smiley: