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Level 1 Gains


I’ll make up for you by blowing out my hammys playing paintball tomorrow.


Well Shieeet. Cut my finger at work today. Was cleaning and scrubbing vigorously and decided it was a good idea to slide my finger across some sharp stainless steel edge in the open fridge units. Cut the tip of my finger but luckily it’s pretty calloused from playing guitar back then. So it’s bandaged up in two bandaids. Only bled for the first few minutes.

Definitely want to go to the gym still. Any advice for keeping the germs and sweat of my now sem-itipless left index finger besides walking in with a vinyl glove?

I suppose I could get some of those finger cots that I first used too keep my finger dry for the first few hours. Especially since I take two showers a day if I go to the gym.


Cut fingers are the worst ! All them nerves.

nerve density map of a human


Hmmm, I would have thought the penis would have more than that pic shows.


This is NSFW, please remove it.


Put a hat on it?


For medical reasons !


I mean, a hat would make up for it.

Yes, I understand that it’s for medical reasons, but it’s still NSFW and we have a rule against it.

It’s also incredibly creepy.


Its xmas remove away for the children :slight_smile:

They can duck duck go !


But every day is leg day.


Is it just me or does anyone experience lower back popping with any full extension sit up exercise? I’m not sure if I’m straining my joints too much or what but it is painless

Nevertheless an audible back pop that others can hear kinda freaks me out…


Full extension sit ups aren’t good for you. (1) (2)


Interesting, something I’ve always suspected as I’ve never enjoyed that exercise. The second article recommends planks which is good to hear since that’s what I’ve been doing instead.


Something that is noteworthy, and no doubt arguable, is the time isn’t as important as the frequency.

IE doing 10 planks for 1 minute is better than 1 plank for an hour.


Planks are fantastic.

When working core, don’t neglect the back and sides! Supermans are awesome (or just skip that bullshit and go right for deadlifting, or good mornings…), as are bicycles and other oblique workouts. Your core goes all the way around :slight_smile:


guys, we should all be preparing ourselfes for


man, straight after devember we’ll go into the gainiest of months…


When your family feeds you free beer and chicken wings !


Lol. I’m actually switching my program in January. I’m going full on strength training in January and February, so I’ll be doing a 5x5 three times a week for two months. I’ll probably do some cardio every other day, but I’ll be too spent to do much.


Dude, beer absolutely kills my gains.

Dude, 5x5 is the greatest.


It when you catch a keeper for a partner and they say you look fine every day. You become the monstrous body you should be :slight_smile: