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You should be versatile in your training if you want to be more athletic.

Off the top of my head, you can’t do kettlebell swings (duh) or single leg deadlifts. Kettlebells are just superior tools for those types of exercises. And you can do squats a lot easier with a kettlebell than a standard goblet squat using a dumbbell. Also, the fact that you can switch from one exercise to the next pretty much seamlessly is a pretty big plus.

I wouldn’t recommend kettlebells for strength training and gaining muscle mass, but for endurance and some explosiveness and overall athleticism they’re pretty great.


For raw strength, I agree. But for gaining size quickly, I think a positive failure system is the way to go. Most people aren’t strong enough to fully tap their chest during barbell bench press. The above method steals from “Pre-Exhaust” philosophies while keeping true to barbell training.

But, on days where Strength + Mass > All I go for Squat > Bench > Row and alternate with Squat > Overhead Press > Deadlift. Generally I do light jogging or a combination of leg raises/crunches/pushups after that.

Bottom line, Squat three days a week :grin:


Piggybacking onto this, don’t underestimate flexibility. You can gain a ton of benefits in all of the above (explosiveness, endurance, strength) with a proper stretching routine, or even Yoga 5 - 7 times a week.


I stretch almost every night before bed for at least 30 minutes. I’m very bendy.


4kg down and upper body does slightly look different. Hint of gains.


Didn’t see this before.

I’d like to add to the flexibility argument. But this one is kinda tricky. A lot of people aren’t flexible enough to do a proper high-bar squat, let alone a front bar squat. However, actually performing the movement improves flexibility and mobility better than any stretching routine since it forces your body to adapt to the movement.

People tend to see flexibility as something that’s on the completely opposite side to strength. But that’s not really the case. Most flexibility problems are actually problems related to lack of strength and proper muscle activation, which forces other muscles to compensate by tightening up. So most people have overworked muscles that work when they shouldn’t. And that’s really bad news because you shouldn’t have other muscles perform tasks that they’re not designed to do.

For example, most people have a problem activating their glutes, which is one of the biggest issues when you’re trying to perform a squat. Another would be bad dorsiflexion, which is easy enough to fix. But bad glutes can lead to dozens of problems related to surrounding muscles in your lower back, hips and even legs.

So anyway, if you can’t squat (or deadlift, for that matter), I suggest to first tend to your glutes. My advice would be to first isolate them with a few of these exercises:


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Still on the no (or low) carb diet.

I allowed some cheating happening this weekend and it make me feel really bad. Not worth it actually.


I always regret the minute or two after I’ve indulged lol.


Its only while you stuff that garbage in your face that its worth it, 20 minutes later thats a different story



Phew. Cutting back on the booze and pot, doing more running and lifting after being a lazy unhealthy ass since I moved out to my first place on my own 7 months ago. Started eating a more plant based diet and supplementing the missing meat (usually only meat with dinner) with whey. Got back on creatine and a simple multivitamin.

The first few days SUCKED! But after a week I feel fucking amazing when I wake up. Stress is down overall. Same with anxiety. Even though my life is still kinda hard. I was in outstanding shape from high school through college but I didn’t realize how much muscle and strength I’ve lost until I looked in the mirror after an intense workout and was like “that’s all I got?”

Anyway I know I’m rambling, but guys, FUCKING DO IT! Get your energy back and kick some ass!


Wish I could afford a steak a couple times a week (: well i could but I spend money on dumb shit


Disclaimer, my main motivation to go back was breaking up with my gf :joy:

Looks aren’t everything but you can definitely play with a woman’s mind :man_shrugging:t2:

The mirror in your bathroom is lying to you!


It boosts your confidence which is what really helps snag a lady-kin.


“Tee-hee, k”


:point_up: How I picked up my wife


stop spending money on dumb shit, start spending money on shit that makes you help to better yourself.


I’m trying to haha. I’ve corrected a lot of patterns already, for example eating out. I only do that on weekends now or if my boss buys lunch.

The hard part is amazing food is always within line of sight in Louisiana lol


Hey man, that’s awesome progress!


I have failed you all my brotherin.
Forgive me for I have sinned. I skipped leg day yesterday.
Felt like Crap. And was too lazy to go today.
Doing arms tomorrow.
Hopefully I dont have a headache for the entire week like this week.