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Level 1 Gains

I haven’t had doughnuts in several years.

I am taking suggestions for focusing by the way so I’m all ears. Preferably 3 days a week.

Donuts are nasty dude.

That’s not how muscle mass and strength work.

All-Pro’s Beginner Routine
Rippetoe’s Starting Strength
Madcow 5x5

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Furiously googling. Thank you.

Also Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1


These are all getting bookmarked. :slight_smile:

Stronglifts 5x5

Or look up any push pull legs split on

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Found a Jiu Jitsu gym that’s five miles from the house. Has stellar reviews. They give experienced practitioners a trial period as well as people with no experience (you get a month free if you have 0 experience!).

Best part of all is they have a 6:00 AM class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Plus open mat days.

I’ve had a serious itch lately. I’ve missed grappling, training, two-a-days, etc.

Thinking about entering NAGA next year.

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@Heimdallr I don’t know what your goals are, but if you want to get from beginner to “advanced” then All-Pro will get you there the safest and steadiest.

There is no deload period due to the medium and light days during the week. Plus, and I can’t remember the specifics, but the saying goes that if you increase your workload by one rep you’re increasing your max by a pound? Something like that. It’s broscience but it’s somewhat of an accurate measurement.

You increase your weight 10% every five weeks. The reps increase by one every week until you pass your test at 12 reps. Then you reset to 8 reps and increase the weight.

That routine will blast every muscle in your body, including your core and posterior chain. Plus it gives you four days a week to train flexibility, endurance, power, speed, sports, etc.

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Hey I’ll get back to you and @sgtawesomesauce. I’m hiking My Thursten (the most prominent peak near Hill Air Force Base 12k ft). Will reply this evening if I’m not to beat. Should have some good birds eye of the entire installation.

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In due time. When I get down. What thread btw?

It’s cool I got cell all the way up haha.

Currently at 9371 ft

Here’s one for ya basbase elevation of trail e
Head is 5200

Gps app confirmed


Who needs a dojo when you have the Green Berets.

Relying on others to defend me? No thanks.

That’s what the 2nd amendment is for. Explosives are not excluded.

None of this is related to this topic. The lounge is open. Thanks.



Wish me luck.

Almond milk
Cashew butter
Sunwarrior protein
Cup of berries

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