Level 1 Gains: Bulking Edition

If you’re in isolation and not building muscle, you’re doing it wrong.





This thread is for those that are addicted to pain. This thread is for those that are seeking strength through accepting weakness. We’ve all heard the cute quotes, the easy one liners that are perpetuated by those that think they know what strength is.

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

“Pain is only temporary.”

My question is always: “What do you know about pain? What do you know about strength?”

This thread is our story. Muhammad Ali was asked “How many situps do you do?”

He said, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t count?”

“I start counting when it starts to hurt.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger said “When you push through the pain, that’s when you’re a champion.”

Hack yourself. Make yourself. Do the impossible.

Welcome to Level 1 Gains, the PowerLifting, Bodybuilding, heavy metal, meathead, track and field, and combat sports thread.

Why should I lift weights or exercise?

Well, if the above videos don’t answer that question for you, how about some good ol’ fashion health benefits.

Improved circulation
Lower blood pressure
Stronger bones
Lady killer
Higher testosterone (higher sex drive)
Ability to physically dominate those around you

Where do I start?

I recommend Max-OT if you’re serious about building muscle. Bodybuilding dot Com has a lot of
what I call “bro science” that isn’t backed by Physiology. However, there are a lot of great videos on there regarding form and simple routines. The forums have a really good gold standard:

Starting Strength and 5/3/1 are really great routines as well. Try something, find something that works, and stick with it. That last part is key.

Last, I’ll say that nutrition and diet are as, if not more important than lifting and exercise. Clean up your diet. No more soda, no more energy drinks, no more microwaved frozen meals. Eat fruits and veggies, clean grains, and protein. I’m not licensed, but I’ve studied CSCS and Kinesiology in a former life, I’ve trained in a professional capacity, and competed in state competitions. I can offer advice and insight if you need it.

Feel free to use this thread to get feedback on form (video), your workout routine or diet, or let us know when you kill a personal record.

Let’s get the bulking edition going!


Alright bro. I really should probably start bulking again. I’ve been doing too much cardio lately. Down to 145lbs… :grimacing:


is this some weakling post

squats and lunges and tilling land and spliting wood and black smithing wear chain maile back at 160 and can again out lift knife … can lift trees after cutting em down and knife cant big shame


git them gains

its helping me with my muscles alot im still healing my entire life after my injuries in the corps 3 years ago i could walk w/o a cane again and now im attempting to hike with knife in the mountains here

im still in alot of pain my nerves will never heal but i will go forward and get stronger




Well, I’m a 5 7 small fry.

I was never huge, so yeah… I was happy at my 185 peak a year ago. Aiming for that again.


That’s awesome! One step at a time, I guess.


Damn son :wink:

You can have a healthy heart and still get jakd.

BCAAs (be it as a supplement, shake, or whole foods) around the time you exercise will help with that. I don’t believe in the whole “ONE HOUR LIMIT TO GET YOUR ANABOLIC MAX” hoopla. But leucine has been proven to be the BEST amino acid when it comes to building muscle. So whatever protein/fiber you’re eating, making sure you are packed with that is a good idea.

Wow this is :ok_hand: :100: :heart_eyes:

If you have a Twitter you should follow StrengthCoachEwa. I think you would appreciate her daily uploads/posts.


Underrated Lift of the Day

Good Morning



This is a staple of the Westside Barbell routine. They kinda know their stuff :wink:

Some folks do this on Deadlifting days, but any day dedicated to lower body or posterior chain can have a Good Morning in it.

This will target your lower back, glutes (:yay:), and hamstrings. This is much, much more safer on the hamstrings than something like the lying leg curl (quite possibly the worst exercise in existence). Some coaches recommend avoiding higher weights/low reps, but if you’ve prepared yourself by warming up, ramping up appropriately, and stretching – Sets of 5 to 8 aren’t any more dangerous than any other lift.

This is a stiff legged lift! So if you see videos or pictures of lifters bending their knees as they go down this is not proper form. Keep your legs straight, stick your butt out, and hinge your hips. Push your hips forward to come back up. You want to maintain the natural arch in your back. Do not roll your back or hunch forward.

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What do you guys think of the unofficial/official 501KG-530KG dead-lift attempt tomorrow?


OMG I’m fucking hype. Hafthor is my fucking man. His shin tattoo has been my mantra for a decade.

There is no reason to be alive if you can’t do deadlift



dude i bulked before… now my arms lost 30º range of motion and my wrists dont reach my shoulders no more. i feel like a penguin sometimes

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Yeah, it’s important to keep training flexibility. Especially shoulder mobility. Some of the pros can’t wipe their own ass lol

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I think (Hafthor) he can have a great day (530KG), I like to see the attempt even if people complain about “homecourt” advantages.

…and holy crap @SgtAwesomesauce 185LBS? You must have been a beast.

…and I am cutting to 150LBS =D… just trimming fat for fun.

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dude these things wont shrink nor will they move. Their attached to my arms for life and only serve to intimidate.

dayumm waht hav i dunn


Lmao I think Eddie apologized. Dude was salty af.

I appreciate what they’ve done for the sport. I think they brought it into the “mainstream” without being annoying about it (ads, ads everywhere).

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It was like 50/50 fat/muscle. Definitely not weak, but I think it’s time to get that shit going again, and aim for less fat.

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@AnotherDev serious question: i was reading that Nate Green article about the DC routine. Is 1 set of 15-20 reps real? I’d think you’d need a bit more volume to properly stress the muscles… :confused:

I mean, obviously you’ve got your warmup sets, but they’re not loaded for bear.

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I am currently on a 3 month no gym streak. What do I win? Besides 7 lbs gained.

You win us berating you back into the gym?


There are no gyms :cry:
I got to get the motivation to get back on my bike, took it 3 times so far but fuck drivers on the road.
Give absolutely no fuck about someone on a bike.
Parks that have pathways have too many pedestrians and I like to ride my bike at full tilt.

DoggCrapp is very controversial. Similar to Mentzer’s HIT. You are right, you do the warm up sets. But you do 1 all out set in Rest-Pause fashion of 15-20 reps.

It’s legit. Stretching, warmups, cool down become more important than ever though. Because you will get DOMS and damage muscle tissue otherwise.

To grow, muscles just need to reach “positive failure” with the little tears and rips. Whether you get there by doing 5x5, 4x12, 1x20, etc. It doesn’t matter.