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Letting TR PBO Stretch Its Legs: AIO vs Tower Cooler

I have a 2950X and a 2990WX.

I have the Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 of course – and the Enermax 280mm TR4 cooler.

I don’t think there is much value in the 2990WX with a tower cooler video – I’m thinking maybe showing PBO2 performance between the two coolers on the 2950X. The problem I’m running into is that PBO2 performance is kind of inconsistent so the margins on the graphs aren’t super definitive.

I was hoping with RTX graphics cards I could show higher .1% or .01% lows between the two coolers – but just checking a few games like GTA V and other steam games I have, not so much.

Any of you hard corer benchmarkers have any ideas for other games/apps to try? Maybe blackout since I just got it? Ashes of the benchmark?

PBO2 makes a big difference for like… indigo. That’s the biggest difference I’ve seen.

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I have a question related to this…
I have a 1900X in a Zenith Extreme with the nh-u12s noctua cooler.
And I have been eying the 2950X. But will the nh-u12s be enough? Or will I have to invest in some form of water cooling?

And do you recommend a set overclock, or to let precision boost do it’s own thing?

Let pbo do its thing. The cooler will be fine unless you really want a crazy oc. It might not be able to handle a crazy oc but pbo will balance heat and oc automatically

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is the 280mm cooler heavy-duty enough for the 2990wx?

yep, its near the 360 in terms of performance

PBO to my understanding does let the XFR2 algorithm do it’s thing, and it benefits greatly for single core framerates. CS:GO for instance would benefit greatly from PBO vs a fixed overclock.

Since lots of people here are hardcore Linux users, perhaps you could add kernel compilation time to any benchmarks? I’m not familiar with PBO, so not sure if it will affect the compilation time.

Shot in the dark: Blender?

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I have 2990wx on Aorus extreme with 128GB ram, and at first PBO was a winner. But more and more i tested, i came to conclusion that running manual is better overall. PBO at 400/400/400 can eat up 350-400W, just CPU, and score around 5800 in cinebench. With manual , i can run at 38x multiplier and at 1.1volt all day under load(3D rendering), or/and score same 5800 in cinebench. 38x cost me only 290Watts. That quite a difference. Specially for Aorus VRMs.