Letter arrives from the OPM, nothing but bad news

Back in June the Office of personnel management held a press conference that made people aware their online database of personal information was hacked(I think I remember hearing about it through TheTEK). I think its up to 18 million people that had their information stolen. The thing that worries me most is this isn't a ordinary who works where database. This had all the information from INVASIVE background checks not your standard DMV checks. Things like black suits going to your neighbors houses and asking about you to vet you for classified material. Every detail was cataloged and stored in a internet accessible web server.

The general consensus of the investigation is that Chinese hackers are responsible for the attack. If it was the Chinese government behind the hack financial information was not the target. The real goal was to identify individuals with security clearances and use that information in the future. The inability or unwillingness of the OPM to secure this data after being warned makes me really salty about the whole situation.

Here is the official letter from the OPM.

I work for a government contractor but my info wasn't in the system until after May of this year so I think I am in the clear. My girlfriend, who doesn't work for the government or any contractor, got her info stolen because her dad and brother were in the military and she was part of their background check. She just got her letter in the mail a few weeks ago.