Lets talk Video Editing software

So there are more than a few content producers and video editors on here and I at least assume we all want to make the best content or easier ways to make what we already do and thought that having a central location to talk about it would be nice.

So right now I have been playing around with Black Magic Resolve and so far it is at least as good as Final Cut Pro x and 7. While the color correction is the main focus of Resolve black Magic has been adding more and more editing functionality to the point now that it seems like it is a useful video editing tool.

In terms of hardware compatibility it is really nice it lets you run 2 graphics cards at the same time, in the free version it lets you use one graphics card for rendering and video processing and a second for running your displays. and if you use the payed version you can setup a multi-card render server to offload your renders to along with proper shared editing functionality for multi-user environments or in situations where the client also has resolve to review the content.

while I still have to play around with it some more I am so far very happy with Resolve.

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For video editing I really like Blender. I've used Vegas Pro and Adobe Premier and I prefer Blender over both of them. I actually made a thread about my experiences with it.

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Out of curiosity what level of plugin and VFX support does Blender have, Resolve has support for OpenFX effects and on the paid version is available for OSx Windows and Linux but that is kind of expected for professional paid software not made by adobe or apple.

I've been using Premiere with NVENC exporter (can render 40x faster that with the MP4 standart profile) and sometimes HitFilm 4 Express.

I think had Resolve installed one time, but anything that give me faster render output is what I use.

While I find fast renders to be nice I have come to the realization of editing back in the bad old days that you some how always can budget around the render time once you know what to expect and have started to focus on the tools that make the editing easier rather than rendering faster.

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I understand your point and I wish to achieve that. But till now I was always able to make edit and render and some times even create voice over and edit audio in a lot less time that it takes me to render output on another software or another preset. And more render time equals less reviews lauched for me.

I use movie studio 13 platinum

only annoy thing is I've yet to find a masking tool in it

But it works fine and is comparably cheap

Have yet to try the free version of resolve

Does anyone use lightworks? I heard it has a step learning curve, but is much better after you get used to it.

so out of curiosity what is your hardware setup?

in resolve i am rendering a 1080 24p youtube preset h.264 program with a trt of 3:02 in about 2:30. my hardware is an I5 3750 16 gigs of ram, amd r9 390 and a samsung evo 850 as the render destination and a standard bulk 7200 rpm spinning disk drive as my work drive.

and in program renders are fairly quick like faster than real time even when i have some heavy blurs and resizes going on.

I have not had the chance to work with it yet and that description covers most Video editing software, The simple act of moving a box from where you expect it to be to someplace new can drive up the learning curve let alone changing the name or interaction of simple functions, which are all things that happens between different makers of software.

Sony vegas, I've tried shotcut, openshot and blender. Until I can render regions I'm sticking to sony vegas.

thats not a term I have heard before what does that refrence?

It's a feature where you can render a selected area at any point within the timeline without removing content.

you can do that in resolve, final cut pro 7 and a few others most of them cost money though.

Resolve and final cut x can also be set to just do the render in the background and play back at a reduced quality till the render is done.

Yeah but I'm trying to use an open source alternative which has this feature, I'm familiar with sony vegas which is why I'm sticking to it but until an open source alternative come up with this feature, I will check it out and see if I can transition to it.

I guess because I come from doing this for a living the Open Source vs Closed Source issue is one that I ignore for ease of workflow and that historically there has not been an Open Source option for more advanced video editing till Lightworks went Open Source and even now their open version is very stripped down from their paid and closed version from the last read through of their website.

I haven't looked at a lot of Plugins for Blender but there are some nice ones out there for video editing. In terms of VFX, Blender has some default effects that you can put in, but combo the video editor with the 3d modeler and node editor and you can make almost any effect you want and lay it over top of a video.

I was thinking more like Boken effects or compositing/green screening when talking vfx. Because as stated Blender is a full 3d animation suite.

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Yeah, both of those are possible and easy enough.

imho either go full AAA and use Adobe premier (+after effects) ... or go full free/open and use blender. Vegas is crap and final cut is very limited.

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