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Let's talk cyberpunk or science fiction


Think we got a best seller on our hands




Back when trailers under represented movies lol

also an interesting take on the visual language of the anime shows/films vs the trailer of the new movie
(some of it is a little nonsensical but over all interesting to compare )

thumbnail has cartoon boobs for dat sweet click bait so... nsfw



Every day, cyberpunk is crawling to reality with the drive of "smart" cities

soon low life punks will be using high tech to get their kicks


pretty neat

want one now lol


Also while not explicitly Cyberpunk, this game looks like like it could fit in

Have not played yet, free on gog right now.


playlist just about cyberpunk games from a youtube called Indigo Gaming


new one from him

looks fun

also, Tides of torment has a real cyberpunk vibe, at lest to me (though more of a veneer of fantasy over it)


Watched a review of Desync. The reviewer (who primarily reviews FPS games) didn't like it at all with the only thing being a positive is the soundtrack.


to me it just seems like a b list game that tries to be hard for hard sake, if I could pick it up for 5 bucks may be fun.

Asking price is ok for what it seems you get, def not a "best game of the year" award winner lol


some cyberpunk 2020-77



Cyberpunk Horror Game for the Layers of Fear people.


Found these cool cyberpunk paper carfts someone made for a run in a game called "the department"

Post can be found here


My cousin that DMs the weekly (currently on pause) D&D game at my house is making cyberpunk/hard Sci Fi rpg. I need to get an update from him on that because last I checked it looked like it would be a good, super in depth and involved game. I'm going to send this his way so he can steal some ideas from it maybe.


He using cyberpunk 2020? Or his own stuff?


He's pulled a bit from it I think and some 5e but mostly homebrew.



I need to read a book before the new quarter starts next monday. Thinking the second Takeshi Kovacs novel but it's a bit thick, suggestions?


hmm, for cyberpunk


or his short where he coined the word "Cyberpunk"

amazing book, you probably already read it as it was hyped up to the moon

“A Manchurian Candidate for the computer age.” —Seattle Weekly

it's...amazing and how I think the future will most likely play out... less cyber more bio, but still a similar idea to og cyberpunk and same question acted out that was asked in GITS

For some SciFi that I think everyone should read


this book is.... amazing I want a movie and video game post haste

reading right now...hooked

they use snakes to heal people.....ITS AWESOME, also light read.

you will not believe how long ago this was made...and how easy to believe it was written yesterday

I have more but it would go on forever lol