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Let's talk cyberpunk or science fiction


Skulls for the skull throne! Death to the false Emperor!


I love sci-fi and cyberpunk but you couldn't pay me to live in most of the universes. *Maybe I read too much grim dark?

Star Trek would be the obvious best choice for me, there's an almost endless list of benefits and most problems can be solved with relative ease by the Enterprise crew members.

A world akin to 'The Forever War' with massive time dilation would be interesting to experience but would probably push my cynicysm to apocalyptic levels.

A 'Roadside Picnic' type situation would be my choice for a more ambivalent universe. Not all good, not all bad. It's probably a more pragmatic bet. It would certainly be interesting to see the ramifications of aliens leaving an environmental mess for us to clean up. Perhaps it might give humanity a healthy kick in the rear by leaving us with decades of questions, few answers and the cold realisation that ET thinks of our planet and civilisation as a garbage dump. Like pushing the reset button, such an event could seismically shift our perspective of 'values', forever placing our attention squarely on the future and pushing forward as a species. Maybe that's too romantic a thought?


cyberpunk hype!

The OG of all of it

cuz GITS


Cool mashup of the Gits movie with the fan made shelling team... wonder if they are apart of the new movie
NSFW as the shelling is done with a nude model, nothing bad, just not for work lol


Just in case anyone wonders about the music from the shelling sequence thing:


Judging by "I'll find out who I was", this new GitS will be a reboot. Motoko's story is already established pretty solidly in GitS prequels (Arise and The New Movie), unless Oshii will use this "false memory" trick once again, which would be kinda cheap.


also would be a good song in a cyberpunk world


This might be relevant :

On formal grounds All That Stuff is pure fantasy element, right up there with dragons and magic swords. And on one level, creating an essentially operatic universe and then belaboring the technical details of fusion torch drives is an exercise in missing the whole point.

There is a valid counterargument. Most fantasy has non-fantasy elements, and the general modern consensus is that these more realistic elements ought to be done 'right.' If people are going to fight with swords, some of them may be magical, but they should still be functional as swords. In a pinch, if all else fails, you should be able to skewer someone with it.

Likewise, if your starship has to travel a few AU in normal space before the lady singing in Welsh can have her desired effect, it is reasonable and appropriate to equip it with a credible torch.

All the same, the thread at SFConsim-l points to a growing dissatisfaction with the consensus tropes of SF. Why go boldly where Firefly already went? This dissatisfaction has been building for a while; 'Mundane SF' emerged to challenge the consensus back in 2002, and without quite intending to I jumped on the Mundane bandwagon by launching this blog.

But the full picture strikes me as more complicated and textured than simply Space Opera v Mundane SF, and it goes to the tensions inherent not just in SF but in the broader genre of Romance. In SF we (usually) imagine futures, though experience suggests that our best efforts to realistically portray the world of 2100 will, by 2100, be as laughably or charmingly retro, or both, as the future of 1900 seems to us. Or for that matter the future of 1950 with its circular astrogation slide rules.


I love the Niven Known Space universe and Asimov's galaxy of the Foundation/Empire but the world's of Starship Troopers and Old Man's War just sound like my kind of place, military and technology focused meritocracies.



pretty much non of the movies are truly linked

Arise and the new movie are a reboot of the whole thing as well, retconing most of the old backstory

the og movie has very little in common with SAC and SAC has a different back story than Arise

only semi sequel is innocence

this live action movie will be again it's own thing, with call backs but not continuity with the others



I'll agree about SAC - that one was kinda stupid. But Arise -> TNM -> GitS work together pretty well.


Bladerunner for sure... but then again its not place I would actually want to live in. Star Trek TNG would also be an amazing world to see, that I could probably handle.


I would disagree as it was billed as a re-imagining of the GITS movie

And Oshii was not involved on arise to my knowlage, he did the old GITS film, which was a different take on the manga which is made by Masamune Shirow
(better IMO lol, I do like the manga for context but its a little more... Child-like... than the Oshii movie.)

The old movie made no mention of the Logicoma (thank god) And the tone of the major from it to the arise series is quite striking, even the dynamic between her and Aramaki in the arise series is changed

Also togaisa is in the arise series while in the old movie it was his first operation, or rather he was still a rookie unsure of his place on the team.

Also would not put the new movie and the arise series in two separate categories as they are the same thing, the movie is just the last part of the story. I was not a fan of it.... Missed the tone and point imo. Even though I have all of them on blueray and digitally on Amazon lol





The expanded universe of Blade Runner and Aliens.


Like a dredd mixed with bladerunner then?

Cuz Dredd has aliens, predator, a bladerunner tie in with dredd would be awesome....

Oh and since some of the warhammer 40k imperial police look like robocop and dredd that too... eventually lol

connect all the things!


In the end they have to fight Skynet Hitler Borg