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Let's talk cyberpunk or science fiction


If you could bring any cyberpunk or science fiction universe to reality, what would it be?

I think Star Trek, Bladerunner, or Warhammer 40k (blood for the blood god).


it would be pretty cool to be a bounty hunter in star wars :D


Sprawl trilogy, so Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive

Also which includes the short stories of Johnny Mnemonic, New Rose Hotel and Burning Chrome

That or the RPG cyberpunk 2020 (kinda the same thing but ya lol, I like shadow run too.... Can we just put them all together?)


Starcraft because reasons.


I would want to be a Mandalorian Clan Lok to be exactly


It's difficult to decide on one that's actually going to be good for life.

I love Half-Life, lke absolutely. But combine.

I'd probably say Unreal Tournament!


The Firefly Universe

The Expanse Universe

Anything from Author Peter F Hamilton

and Scientology - for the Lulz


I don't want a Cyberpunk universe to be real, Cyberpunk is about Dystopia. They just set it in the near future to make it familiar and yet have a believable political world. Cyberpunk is pretty much Film Noir. So, would you would you want to life in a techno Bogart Film where everything's all fucked up and you have to bend your ethics just to survive?


Welcome to the Trump show!


no cyberpunk is about the present set in the future



I'd prefer rocketpunk to cyberpunk TBH, if we have to stick with punk genres. Punk is pretty much inherently dystopian because of its roots in the situationist movement.

If given the choice, any sane individual would prefer to live in an utopian world over a dystopia.

John Rawls' "veil of ignorance" thought experiment is relevant here. Nobody really wants to be worse off than they already are. People just like the me-against-the-world romanticism, often exaggerating their own ability to thrive in a crapsack world. Everyone likes to think that they have inherent qualities that would make them the stuff of mythological heroes. They don't.

Worlds like those from Blue Remembered Earth by Alastair Reynolds or the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson would be interesting.


Erm, no. One recurring theme of every cyberpunk novel I've read is how corporations became entities equal to countries, having their own police and military and fucking up world each in their own way. You won't get much more dystopian than that.

I would never choose cyberpunk universe to live in. As for SciFi, either Strugatskys' Noon Universe or Iain Banks's The Culture.

The former doesn't have any conflicts and fuckuppery between Earth nations (because communism won) and presents "Human vs Environment" challenges, while human race colonizes Solar system.

The latter is less preferable, it has wars, but humans don't participate in them unless they want to, and it's a world where we've managed to create AI without SkyNetting ourselves somehow, although sometimes it seems that humans became somewhat spoiled and degraded in some ways.


thats real life


Not yet. But yes, we're getting scarily close.


I would absolutely love to live in the universe of the Mars trilogy.


Akira and Ghost in the Shell both movies and first gig and second gig for cyberpunk/ post cyberpunk. For Science Fiction, The Bolo series, a self aware planetary siege unit that displays the best traits of it's creators. Some of the short stories might make you feel for the 13,000 -32,000-tonne self aware tank.



A Hellebore sending fusing plasma down range at .7 c is more of my thing...


That's why I mentioned DeBeers mining.


Any universe where money is nonexistant, I can manufacture and produce my own goods and don't need to rely on any services and where we aren't heading or at a cyberpunk dystopia. But if it has to be Cyberpunk I'd say Deus Ex so I can completely ignore corporate ownership of patents and such or the laws of a nation and use that universes tech too augment myself.