Lets talk cooling, the whole room

Ow yea indeed. 10.000 BTU you mean? So indeed in total around 20.000 BTU at least.

Normally cooling a medium sized bed room ~12k BTU would be enough. But in case of a homelab, depending on your setup/servers/hardware I understand indeed that you can easily have 20.000 BTU.

JayzTwoCents (sorry L1) recently mentioned that he installed a 12.t AC ~ 44000 watt airco. That is… 150k BTU… INSANE

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdc-px15oT8 (at around 15:15).

Clever, however this is not an option

I self-installed 3 mini-split units in my last house. They were Fujistu units and worked extremely well. 2 were ductless and 1 was ducted.

Midea has a decent U-shaped window unit with an inverter that can be done in less than 2 hours for a few hundred bucks.