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Why don't we break away from the usual humdrum of build questions and tech tips and talk about something that left me a heavy heart tonight. 


Juan Manuel Marquez knocks out Manny Pacquiao in sixth round.

LAS VEGAS -- Manny Pacquiao seeks to definitively affirm Saturday night the judging that gave him two decisions and a draw in his three tight fights against rival Juan Manuel Marquez at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Marquez (54-6-1, 39 knockouts) is desperate to end the torment he’s suffered through, the narrow margins dividing him further from the mythical worldwide status Pacquiao (54-4-2) has achieved.

Pacquiao has been promised at least $23 million for this fight while Marquez will get a guaranteed $6 million, for instance.

The non-title welterweight bout –- Pacquiao lost his belt in arguably the worst judging episode in a decade when Timothy Bradley claimed a split-decision in June –- is again compelling.

While Pacquiao, 33, spent his entire training camp in Hollywood’s Wild Card Boxing Club to perfect an all-attack method under the guidance of trainer Freddie Roach, Marquez, 39, has bulked up to become an astonishing muscular figure capable of delivering harder blows and withstanding Pacquiao’s assault.

The Times is ringside for the pay-per-view bout, and will provide live round-by-round coverage when the bout begins. The fighters are entering the ring right now.

Round-by-round updates (scoring not official):

Round 1: After a thrilling buildup in a sold-out MGM Grand Garden Arena, referee Kenny Bayless gave the fighters their final instructions and the fight begins. Pacquiao's ready to charge. A Marquez counter right lands. A nice Pacquiao left. They move for position. This isn't the three minutes of action Pacquiao promised, but he did press the action, and did enough. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9.

Round 2: Again, they're waiting each other out. Pacquiao shoots in a right, then misses a left uppercut. Marquez gets in a short right. Pacquiao with a straight left, a nice punch. Marquez content to stand back. He gets in a good right. Again, Pacquiao did more work. Pacquiao win the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads, 20-18.

Round 3: Marquez throws overhand left. Pacquiao charges with a right that lands. Good left by Pacquiao. Counter left by Marquez. Left uppercut to body by Marquez. Big right and Pacquiao is down at 1:12 mark. Hard right by Marquez, then a big right to body by Marquez. Hard left uppercut by Marquez. Pacquiao fighting buzzed. Hard right by Pacquiao, Ton of passion in this fight at end, both guys swinging. Marquez wins the round, 10-8. Fight is even, 38-38.

Round 4: Marquez lands with a high left. Marquez follows with a straight right. Pacquiao not in huge hurry to engage here. Pacquiao lands a jab, but Marquez makes him eat two hard rights before the bell. Marquez wins the round, 10-9. Marquez leads, 48-47.

Round 5: Pacquiao drops Marquez with hard left. Incredible round. Marquez takes eight count. Pacquiao is at his most dynamic, battering Marquez with set-up lefts. Hard rights. He had Marquez cornered twice and wailed on him. Pacquiao win the round, 10-8. Pacquiao leads, 57-56.

Round 6: Big left snaps Marquez head back. Marquez missing now. Marquez's nose is bleeding and appears it might be broken. He's breathing with mouth wide open. Hard right by Marquez. Jab by Marquez. Pacquiao lands a right. Marquez follows with wicked hard right as Pacquiao was moving forward. Pacquiao's out, not moving, fight is over. Marquez wins. He runs to a corner and stands. Pacquiao down on canvas with his cornermen over him. He's now sitting up. Marquez wins by knockout at 2:59.

Pacquiao was asleep for a few seconds, while his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao, cries at ringside. Marquez, however, is celebrating his victory. 

For those who don't know Pacquiao, well, he's been called the best pound-for-pound fighter, the best aggressive fighter, and the first boxer to win in 8 different weight divisions.

Marquez is a Mexican fighter who has been overshadowed by the likes of Antonio Barrera. He pushed himself, and is now called the best counter-fighter. He already had 3 fights with Pacquiao beforehand, the last two being controversial, and as such he kept saying that he should have won those fights, not Manny.

It's the first time I've ever seen The Pacman down. It truly leaves me with a heavy heart. He made his opponents nose bloody, but got too cocky and tired himself out, leaving him open for a counter punch from Marquez..
Pacquiao is now on his second loss after a very long winning streak, the first with America's Timothy Bradley, a very controversial fight in which Bradley won. The two judges who scored in favor of Bradley have been largely criticized. 
Though I do want to see Manny win in the end, I don't think people will like having "Pacquiao-Marquez 5"