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Let's Talk About Music Players



The “simplicity” is kind of misleading though. Once you get into the configuration you can do a loooootttt of stuff.
It seems to be a simple interface at first (which turned me off the first time), but when you get into it it’s actually quite complex.

Any link for that? Searching for “car” in the play store is kind of a pain :confused:


I just remembered it’s an HTC app. It works on other brands too.

Installs = 10,000,000 - 50,000,000. Requires Android = 5.0, 6.0 and up


Greatest Car App - why not compatible with latest premium phones??? This is the best car app that I have used so far. Work very well with my HTC - M8 and SONY XAV712BT. Somehow, it is not compatible with my new HTC10.


Used to work, now crashes I used to have an HTC Desire 816 and a car holder, and I used this app every time I plugged in my phone and went somewhere. It was awesome. But now I’m using an HTC Desire 626, and it doesn’t work at all. It keeps crashing the app and sometimes even crashing my phone. Very frustrating.


Well yeah, but there’s no need to make it complicated. You can use it as-is & you’ll be fine. I believe it’s good for both beginners & people who know what they’re doing.


This app is not compatible with your device

sadhorn.mp3 :frowning:

definitely true yes.


Download it and install it anyway. Thats what I did when netflix decided rooted phones were no longer compatible. Sideload if you have to.

EDIT: looks like it doesnt actually play anything. I just installed it on my nexus 6p and hitting music does nothing. It must rely on another app for playback.


Sayonara and iTunes


Figured to try Foobar2000 and found “my” skin from fellow Carpenter Brut fan :smiley:


You guys and noob tier media players :)~ this cropping thing is annoying :frowning:

Sometime in the last decade or so everyone gave up building media players worth damn


I think I need to take a look at that configuration :thinking:

I can’t even find half the components on foobar’s repository… kinda annoying that not everything is on there, but spread apart on 200 different forums :frowning:




Finally found an Android Player that knows Album Artist, isn’t plastered with ads and has a proper interface…

Fun Fact: I found it in the feature request for Album Artists in Timber (another player I tried and failed) :smiley:

Also shows Lyrics and integrates with QuickLyrics if it can’t find any, which is a plus.

Also customisable widgets and a usable notification (also in lockscreen).