"Let's Play" Gaming PC

Hello everyone. I'm planning on building a new PC soon because mine is getting too old. I'm going to be using for playing high-end games as well as recording while playing them for "let's play" videos. I've already got some unused parts lying around that I can use for it like an Intel i5 2500k, CD/DVD burner, and a 500GB HDD. I haven't built a PC in a while so I'm pretty outdated when it comes to what parts are good or not. If you guys could help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


My current choices:

Case - CM Storm Stryker

CPU - i5 2500k

CPU Fan - Phanteks PH-TC14PE

RAM - Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) 1600MHz

Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 670 FTW Edition 2GB (Might get SLI at some point later on)

Motherboard - ASRock Extreme4 Z77

PSU: Corsair HX850

SSD's: OCz Vertex 4 256GB for games, OCz Vertex 4 128GB for OS.

HDD: Some random 500GB 7200RPM HDD I have lying around for storing videos.


So what do you guys think?

Aphorism... You should rather choose AMD Bulldozer:Piledriver - "Vishera" FX 8350 since its great for video editing(sony vegas use's all the core's).

FX 8350 is not as good as i7 or i5 3570k for gaming on most game, but its near them. Get an FX 8350, since you will record while playing and probavly you will also stream. If you will do own banners and use Adobe Photoshop then FX 8350 is the right choice.

I think that there are motherboards that support 1866mhz DDR 3. RAM is important.

need budget

Oh, I accidently deleted that part. I can go up to about $2000, that should be plenty.

hold up vegas does not use 8 cores mate, sorry just had to say, vegas is capped at six cores, i know this caus iv looked at vegas benches on the i7 3970x oc'd vs the xeon core 8 core clocked at 3.3ghz, and the i7 won by miles cause vegas did'nt recognise the the extra 2 cores from the xeon.if it could recognise them it would be such a different story, just saying. on the other hand after effects does use all 8 cores

*cracks knuckles*

working on it!

i would do a 2011 build with a 3930k, or a 3970x on a few conditions, you want a epic ram oc, and you want the pinnacle of overclocking performance as the 3970x is basisicly a cherry picked 3930k

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but would I really need that much power? I'm not looking to blow cash here. It just doesn't seem necessary, especially considering I've already got a brand new 2500k lying in a box in my garage.

can you get the job done with those parts you listed, yeah, wouldn't go any lower, do you need to spend 2K to get them, no, thats why I'm here to help so I'll try to keep it under 1K

heck you said  2k that's what i would reccomend at 2k, if you wanna spend less like 1k, then i would reccomend different. also you did'nt mention untill now that you already had the 2500k lying around so that kinda put's things into perspective, i would be like you wanna build a 2k build not including your 2500k in the budget as you already have it and going to use it, you crazy son. real crazy

actually yeah scrap the until now part. but still at 2k i get a 3930k.

Okay using your 2500K you already have

with promo codes (4 of them) and combo deals with all free shipping you should be right at $1024.92

should be able to OC to 5Ghz on that cooler but I'd shoot for 4.5Ghz

depending on how many games you have I would put OS and programs, and output Video on SSD and games on the HHD