Lets Play a Game : Configure these parts

It will not be enough to just configure. You will need to explain why you would use one part over the other and explore the possible use cases.

No winners just a list of possibilities for these parts.

First off the Cpu Intel 3258 Dual core 3.0ghz

Cpu Coolers: Artic Freezer Extreme,H100, and intel stock

Mobo is a Biostar Matx

Case is a Node 804

Psu is a Rosewill Capstone 450 watt 80 plus gold

Ram a choice between 1600 patroit and Kingston 1333 un sure of the timings easily looked up/

Networking : Jabra bluetooth, Netgear wireless G, Netgear wireless 2 types of, N dual band Tplink 4800 dual band, Asus dual band wif bluetooth combo PCE ac55bt

Storage : SSD 120g pny and a 120 Sandisk extreme, Hdd two seagate 1 terabyte and 1 toshiba 500g 8g usb drive

Gpus : 7750 ,7870,280,290

Monitors : 1366 by 766 1400 by 900 1920 by 1080

Os: windows 7 to 10 Linux : Mint, Manjaro, OpenSuSe, pfsense

I will change... Basically everything about this build.
1. CPU: AMD Athlon X4 860K...

4 cores instead of 2. I know the 2 cores are faster, but the 4 cores are twice as many, and now days 4 cores are not luxury. They are beneficial for many things.
2. CPU cooler... Keeping with the idea of the build in my head, the cooler will be Deepcool Maelstrom 120...

I have a general idea for some stuff... This is why I take this one..
3. Motherboard: Asrock A88M-ITX...

4. RAM: whatever low profile...
5. GPU... Radeon RX 460.. One of them... This one for example:

Why 460? Because of
6: Monitor

24" 1080p IPS 30-75Hz Freesync monitor...
7. PSU:
The best... Seasonic

8. Case: This is the base of the entire system...
Cooler Master Elite 110

That's it.
Smooth gameplay with the freesinc monitor, quad core cpu with graphics cart, fully supporting future technologies like Vulkan and DX12 and it have freesync over both HDMI and DP1, 2...
At the end you have a great capable low budget gaming system... If you want more power - RX470 is always available...

Add an angle grinder to that list...

No RX 480 fits the Elite 110 (I've searched for one, ended up getting a GTX 1060).

Ignore my stupidity....

This us why I didn't recommend RX480...

In the spirit of things. Works for me. Just stuff i have kicking around to use as an example.