Lets Have A GPU Competition

Lets find out who has the oldest still running card. Rules are: Must be a physical graphics card (no inbuilt graphics), must still work properly, must still be in a working rig and it must be in a rig you use (doesn't have to be your main rig). I'll start, my main rig, I'm ashamed to say runs a ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro

My GeForce 2 Titanium still runs, but I just sold its parts a few days ago :/

I spend the same amount time on my laptop and desktop, my desktop has an ATI Radeon HD 4200, probably the same strength as your 2400. On my laptop I have Intel HD Graphics 3000...

Nvidia Geforce Fx5200

I sold away a PCI HD 2400 XT that was used in a Dell tower for 6 years before I got rid of it last year.

currently I am running a Radeon 5870 2gb card in my rig with a AMD Phenom 1090T. Neither of which have ever been overclocked. Although after playing a little Rise of the Triad things may have to change. Not sure if I want to upgrade or attempt to learn a little about overclocking...

I have an Nvidia 6800GT BFG agp (OC edition) that still runs i think. It'll be my new coaster soon

Other than that my school has a computer with an  MX200 or 400 in it. It's finally dying though. The comp's getting replaced I might have to snag it.

^^^^^ dont worry Rise of the Triad runs like ass on everything at the moment there is going to be a patch soon to fix the problems with perfomance.

TotalBiscuit was geting as low as 30fps in places in the game with a GTX titan!

So you are not alone in the perfomance woes


wrong thread?

I still have an ATI Radeon X1650 Pro AGP partnered with a Pentium 4 which I use for Half-Life 1 era games and earlier.

I have that (only pcie) as my current coaster


Ati rage II 4 mb AGP

As of right now, i have a Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB. My processor chokes this thing horribly. got a core 2 duo 6600 @ 2.4Ghz and 4 GB of DDR2 667Mhz ram. NEED UPGRADE BADLY... :l

My first card was an Abit Siluro 64mb Geforce 2 MX 440.

My dad had a temporary riva tnt2 and then got a Matrox parhelia g550 then 2 years later bought the top of the line (one of the longest living cards in history) All-in-wonder 9800se (couldn't unlock the pipelines but it was still good in 2007, and could play crysis and hl2 lost coast. It did eventually die and the drivers were indeed annoying. That's why fanboys today still criticise AMD cards for bad drivers, because they've heard stories and want to justify their expensive green sparkling crap purchase. Nvidia spewed only crap after 7900gtx. 8800 were terrible and expensive, 9800 the same (compared to ati), gtx 200 were also mostly rebranded. Only gtx 260, 460 and 770 redeemed it.

I upgraded to a inno3d geforce 4 ti 4200 until I got my HD 3850. I am now using a HD 4870.

I hope the hd 9000 series will be truthful to their Ati greatness and keep the old nomenclature (se, pro, xt), then I'd definitely buy a hd 9800 pro/xt

The true winner of such competition would be a 3dfx card owner. Even if it's outdated now, it's a testament of the good old 3d pc gaming period.

Just found a very old graphics card it is a S3 Trio 64V+ P1E3BF PCI Video Card with a whopping 1mb of ram

Well if it comes to s3 and the likes, I do have a 386 box with much older integrated graphics chip ( A hp vectra 386 25n) from a bank. No I did not rob it.

HPsuper D2382A supported even 1024x768 (interlaced and just 4 colours) . Was actually for svga resolution 8bit colour and had only 256kb memory. I can run it at 320x200 w/ 256 colors and it's actually better since it's a CRT screen I use anyway, it's nice to fool around with QBASIC and DOS on it.

No it can't run doom pretty well, it lacks the 387 coprocessor and can't upgrade to 486 (I could run duke3d, my uncle had a 586 cyrix and we played on that)

I've got a HD 2400 that was retired this time last year when the mobo exploded.

My HD 2400 Pro has been in my Dell tower for over 7 years.