Let's Encrypt is switching his root cert, will break andoid <7.1

That title was to short, so let’s be clear, you can avoid it if you don’t want to.

TLDR: Now that they have there root cert everywhere new, they will use it (01/2021).
Stuff to old won’t trust new Let’s encrypt cert anymore.
They are work around :slight_smile:


As it should be.

Good job LetsEncrypt! :clap:

This is fantastic news. Old stuff which should not be used any more is finally getting the final nail in the coffin. Beautiful.


http all the things!!



Listen here lunduke


So is the real reason that Android versions older than that won’t get an update to update the local CA certificates on the phone’s O/S?

I believe that unless you have a phone that is supported directly by google… the phone network operators dont push updates to phones past the current flagship released phone.

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Dropped as a footnote…

We are making our certificates smaller with a new ECDSA certificate option

Elliptic curves… mmmm.

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Yet another of many reasons to switch to Sailfish or Lineage, as I’m going to have to. That F(x)tec phone is looking better and better as time marches on.

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yea good luck getting one ! … i’m still salty about this … sorry

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Supply issues?

Supply hell

But off topic