Let us all thank my MOBO for possibly saving me from a lot of headache

So today I was playing some games, just half an hour ago, and my computer shut down and booted up again.
Turns out in the BIOS, that it shut down, because my PSU had a possible failure and MOBO reacted to that. I was just planning to order a new PSU today. Right now I just have one of these generic PSU's that you find with the low end cases.

Yeah wenn a powersuply has issues, then the system can basicly shut down.
Lowend psu´s is of course never realy a good thing.

if you can list you system specs, and the particular psu you have, then it would be helpfull to determine it.

Well, I already replaced that PSU. Just replacing it was so nerveracking, because I have a mATX case.

CPU: I3 2120
GPU: GTX 650 E-1GB
RAM: 8GB 1600Mhz(Lowered to 1333Mhz)
Primary HDD: Some sort of Hitachi 500GB
Secondary HDD: WD Blue 1Tb 7200RPM
New PSU: Chieftec CTG-750C

Thank you Motherboard, Your an inspiration to all of us.

Had a friend who cheaped out on power supply a year back and it took a lot down with it when it failed. Not to mention my girlfriends brothers cheap supply which apparently caught fire, Don't know if she was exaggerating but it still keeps me up at night.


lol my friend did the opposite of the OP. He got a bundle from newegg cause it was 200 cheaper than the one I picked to build for him, and I warned him why. Ignoring me he ordered it and went along with the bundle and got a cheapo motherboard from gigabyte and literally the day after I helped him build it, I kid you not, the motherboard was on fire. Lesson of this thread, dont EVER cheap out on parts... Unless you are participating in scrapyard wars lol

Well, I would never cheap out on PSU, but the thing was, that this computer was bought pre-built and I never got time to buy a new PSU. Today I realized, that my computer has shut down like that before like 3 times. Thanks MOBO, you the real MVP.

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I had a Biostar board that survived not one but two catastrophic PSU failures.

And that's why I don't talk shit about Biostar.

edit - forgot to add "psu," but, either way, it gets the point across. :P

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