*Less Than* $60 Case that has a minimalist design

Ok so I'm really picky about my case and i want to get a new one b/c i hate mine (was given to me). I would like something like a Corsair Obsidian series or Fractal Design. But most of those are all pretty expensive. Another thing is i want good cable management rubber grommets etc. Cooling i dont really mind but better is preferred. Windows i dont care but if the no window is cheaper then fine. I've been looking for a while and only really seen a few i like. 

Thanks a lot.



Edit: > Changed to *Less Than*


Anything by Fractal.

My lord that is sexy, i think i may have found it. And it has the stuff and its not expensive. :O I think Zepher was in my head recently.

But fractal has cases that are a little expensive for me.


I wanted to go with this case, but i didn't want a ATX-chassis.

Somewhat simple, but not minimalistic i'll say. More like a gamer design. But it has been around for a while now. Also it has LED-fans... sooo....



Xigmatek Utgard


Window version


Mesh Version

  • Fan Control for up to 6 fans (saves about 20$)
  • All Black Interior
  • Plenty of cable management
  • Comes with Xigmatek Orange blade fans
  • Great for water cooling
  • Amazing Value


> $60 means anything greater than $60. In all fairness, I should have read the entirety of your post.

This is only $10 over budget:


Just activate a free trial for Amazon Prime.

In budget less postage:


Whoops, thanks for noticing the error. XD Hmm... The Core 3K and has room for a nice rad

I do like the looks but the cost is right, comes with fan controller, cable management looks decent. Maybe.

Value is definitely compelling!

  • 2x 120mm fans (rear & front)
  • 1x 170mm fan (top)
  • 1x sweet front i/o panel
  • PSU dust filter.

But it lacks 3.0, sleeved cables and holes on top cant fit a rad because the misplaced fan holes.

I LOVE my Corsair 200R. Easy to install everything, descent cable management, plenty of hard drive placement. No tools required except for motherboard.




Bitfenix shinobi, merc, outlaw or raider.