Lenovo Y510p (a bit of Y50)

Hi, I just ordered a Y510p in the SLI config with 16GB RAM. I was wondering if anybody who has SLI, if micro-stuttering is something that is evident? Also, should I perhaps wait for the Y50 to launch to get that and return my Y510p? I've heard the Y50 is less powerful than the Y510p though. Thanks so much guys! I don't know where to stick this, so if someone could also tell me where it would be better to categorize this as, much thanks.

The Y50 and Y40 should be less powerful.  I don't think they support dual graphics, since it's unlikely that there will be ultrabay.

Nice specs on your y510p btw.

Thanks! But would micro stutter affect performance (noticeably)?

I haven't seen enough significant reports of micro stuttering on the y510p.  I think it should perform superbly, as nVidia's drivers are pretty damn good.  Micro stutter is annoying, though.  It's noticeable.