Lenovo Thinkpad T420 for school- opinions, experience, better options?

So I'm starting my first semester of college in August and I'm in need of a laptop for school work and daily computing stuff. After brief research a used Thinkpad T420 is lookin like a good option for me. I like how they're cheap in price, their build quality, specs, and support for Linux. I read the few threads on here mentioning the T420 and seems like there aren't many complaints. I'm wondering if there are better options with similar laptops? Also how was/is anyone's experience with Thinkpads in general.

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Not sure about the t420, but I am using a t410 right now. I currently use it as both my Linux and Windows machine (well...sort of...but that's a story for another time)

The only complaint I personally have is the weight, but that may have changed with 420 (Blaze i...sorry) model. Oh, and also no graphics, just an i5 520m and 4gb RAM, but, for a work laptop and not a gaming laptop, this is not a problem. It doesn't have any problems playing back video.

I am using a T450 for work and have used a T420 in the past. T420 is the last good Thinkpad in my opinion. But a solid choice. No Doubt.

Have Linux on mine and seems to run really well except the only version my employer will let me use is RHEL 6 and Support SUCKS.....

Are we talking about something like this...

This seems to be another model, T420 has its network on the left side.
Have mine as a replacement for my old asus eee 1000he. added 8g ram (12 total) and am running freebsd without having any issues.

You might want to replace the battery and add another ssd for additional backups.

If I got one I would replace the battery to a 6 cell maybe. I would also get an ssd down the line and replace the cd drive with the HDD in a tray.

Just bought a T440 - best money I ever spent on a laptop.

how much did you pay for it? if you don't mind

$500 Australian dollars