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Lenovo ThinkPad E585 - Ryzen 2500U/Vega 8 - Review, Impressions, Linux, etc


when u install mint, did u disable secure boot prior?


No, I disabled it afterwards when working out why the wifi wasn’t working. It installs fine with secure boot on. Wired ethernet works out of the box.


im still facing a black screen even after following evilazrael method. not sure if i got it wrong but i added the two lines straight at the end of the LINUX command and then ctrl x to boot
did i miss something? very new at using grub


Mine only stopped black screening after appending “spec_store_bypass_disable=prctl”

as well as previously, “ivrs_ioapic[32]=00:14.0”

make sure to keep a space between each parameter

I didn’t do any updating out of the box other than running windows updates.


im still cant get past the blank screen after keying in the lines, am i doing this right?


i managed to get into the installation menu and then i get a Errno5 Input Output Error
but im using a usb?


got it resolved. had to change to another usb drive


Laptop looks great for it’s price, but i think there is some wasted space, instead of having the HDD horizontally (like the pic) it could have been placed vertically so a bigger battery could fit


Try pcie_aspm=off for the NVMe errors, my Dell Inspiron 5495 had probably the same issue. And I recommend to set the second IVRS override parameter. No idea why people copy only the first paramter.


got mine. the acpi line to get it to boot. stock 18.10 and bluetooth works fine, didn’t do anything.
might just be me but brightness levels seem fine. im leaving it at around 60%.


Getting some freezes on Mint sometimes while browsing Firefox. Unfortunate, probably an unpatched kernel issue.