Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

I'm thinking of buying this laptop because it's portable, powerful, and has all the specs I'm looking for, minus a more powerful single GPU, and an integrated fingerprint scanner. This is selling on Lenovo's website for $879-99.


Is there something better that I could find? I'm fine buying a laptop from a weird company that is "TOTALLY HIPSTER" *sarcasm.* But yeah, I'm fine buying from unheard of brands, so long as they deliver quality. Here's a list of my needs and wants:



1920 x 1080 screen or more (matte type screen)

2-3gb of DEDICATED RAM for gaming (NVidia or Radeon/ATI works; I don't discriminate GPUs)

2.5GHz or more of CPU power (something that uses turbo when it gets a larger load works fine)

8gb of unmarked RAM works, but I'd like to upgrade it later to something I'm more familiar with

1TB of HDD (SSD or mSATA isn't needed)


2.0Mp front facing camera



four RAM slots

integrated fingerprint scanner

backlit keyboard

lit keyboard

afterburner (similar to the Asus exhaust LED done by XoticPC.com)


My desired price is for a really low sum of $1000, but I can push for around $1250-300... get creative, and don't forget; have fun while trying to help! Haha, I hate helping people and it is just so blandly boring, so... have fun! Thanks!:D