Lenovo Desktop GPU installation? Halp?

My brother has a Lenovo K450e Desktop (The one with the i7-4790 and 16GB of ram but no GPU) We want to upgrade the psu which is easy but I have heard that lenovo whitelists only certain GPU and the motherboard is odd... The PCI16x Slot is pretty much flush with the ram so I am guessing if a GPU is plugged it it will hit the White tabs on the Ram slots? Anyone know if it is possible to put a GPU in this desktop? and What one?

Thanks in advance!

Using the program speccy, you can easily see what motherboard the machine has.

You should not have any issue with GPU installation except for PSU wattage.

Hey Lawkodi the back GPUS are flat so you should not have any issues. Just make sure you can support the number of slots the GPU is wide & you have the power for it.