Legit/Genuine Windows 10 Home License For Cheap

And the custom-pc project continues. I have some components already acquired with several more to go. (It’s been tough being unemployed & using the money from odd jobs to put toward my goal, but I haven’t given up!) Anyway, long story short, I’m trying to have my cake & eat it too if you know what I mean.

But here is 1 of the small snags I’ve hit & need your advice/opinions on: Would I be able to get a Windows 10 Home license from anywhere cheaper than Microsoft themselves? I prefer that the license be completely digital --(As I’ll be creating a Windows USB installer anyway.)-- & legit/genuine, with no downsides whatsoever! Also, I’m trying to find a license for less than $100 hopefully where I won’t get screwed over or anything. So I’d like your thoughts, advice, opinions on this as it will slightly cut down the total cost of my build!

If any of you happen to need details or have any questions for me, just be sure to drop me a line & I’ll be sure to get back to you in a flash! :smiley:

Thanks to anyone who can help with this!

I think you are out of luck without going grey market.

Depending on what you want to do, Linux (Ubuntu, LinuxMint or ReactOS) may be valid alternatives.

With Steam having Proton, a lot of games meant to only work on Windows work nearly flawlessly on Linux.

Do you have a valid licence for 7?

Theres only a handful of ways to really pay less. Many of which cannot be discussed here.


Hey Kyle, just grab one off ebay - it’s dirt cheap, nowhere near $100. I have a few from there.

You can run Windows 10 Enterprise for up to 90 days if you’re a bit tight at the moment and want to push the purchase further down the line. Another option would be the Education program, which provides a free windows 10 enterprise license if you’re enrolled in a school that makes you eligible. And lastly if you have a genuine windows 7/8 key lying around you can install windows 10, try activating with your key. If that doesn’t work follow you should be able to call a number, enter your key and have the automated system activate your windows 10 installation.

I recently installed windows on a thinkpad x240 and it turned out that I didn’t have to provide a key. I bought that thinkpad in 2014 directly from lenovo without a windows license and I never installed anything but linux on that machine. No clue why and how, but it seems as if microsoft doesn’t care much about windows 10 license sales when it comes to personal devices.

Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile: I had considered getting 1 off of Amazon. But the ones I’m seeing are from Microsoft themselves are $129.99 if you choose the download option. (And it’s only $10 less than Microsoft is offering on their site! That is still crazy!) So have you had any issues with any of the licenses you got off Ebay? BTW, did you search something like “Windows 10 License Key” or “Windows 10 License”, etc? I’d like to know if the ones you got came on flash drives or not.

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I’d like to remind everyone that Level1 does not support or endorse grey market or resold license keys.

Such things are in violation of the Windows EULA and you may find that a key you purchased doesn’t work or is revoked.


Look, I never said I expect them to support this sort of thing. I’m just clarifying that I’m trying to get a Windows Home License for a cheaper price. (If I can. But you should know that I’m just asking around for advice, thoughts opinions, etc.) :slight_smile:

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there is no way to cut corners without violationg the windows EULA

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True. But I thought acquiring a Windows 10 license via a 3rd-party source doesn’t violate the EULA if say the source you get it from has a license, right? Hopefully you get what I’m saying here…

Just download w10 and never activate it.

Maybe they will delay updates long enough nothing will break.

This doesnt happen, ever. The only time when a third party takes care of licensing would be in the case of an MSP who then purchases the CALs for the number of users a business has…

The ‘cheap’ licenses on ebay and the like are grey market and therefore against the rules of this forum to discuss, so lets stop it all right here.

Bottom line, the only way to get a semi cheap/free copy of windows 10 right now is to either not activate it, or to upgrade from 7 which you can still do with 10. Anything else is of questionable legality and should not be discussed here.


It’s against the rules of this forum to discuss it so you’re out of luck here.

I never saw anything on the Forum that says this sort of thing SHOULDN’T be discussed; but still, I’m just asking around for opinions & the like. BTW, if anyone has a technical reason why this topic shouldn’t be discussed, do let me know since I clearly don’t know everything yet… :unamused:

This topic has been discussed ad nauseam by others and inevitably the topic of grey market comes up in one form or another… Sometimes the person who brings it up doesnt actually know what it is they’re really talking about.

The rules of the forum very clearly state:

3. No Illegal Content

Posting or linking to any content considered illegal in the USA is forbidden. This can include, but is not limited to: pirated software, downloads of copyrighted materials you do not have permissions to redistribute, grey market keys or similar.

An example of why:

To make it short and sweet, you could just search google for the ‘cheap’ options but often those options cost you more time and effort than they can be worth. The decision is yours to make.

I’m a dumbass

Alright, that’s it. This thread is over. I tried to be nice.

@Adubs is right. Rule 3 clearly states that we don’t discuss or encourage grey market keys for anything.

If you want to get it, that’s on you. You’re the one who’s gonna suffer the consequences. (be it MS goons kicking your door down while you’re fapping or a scammer taking your $30 or the key being revoked)

If you want the official stance of L1T, it’s this: Buy it from microsoft.

If you buy anywhere else, you are breaking the law By knowingly violating the Windows EULA (which all grey market keys or keys you can find for under $129.99 US are), you are in Breach of Contract. Breach of Contract is illegal under US law.

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