Legit Android 3DS Emulator?

I'm just curious if there is a legit 3DS emulator for Android. Before anyone asks, I do own a 3DS with a few games so emulating the games that I do have isn't considered illegal as far as I'm aware... and if it is, there isn't anything ethically wrong.

It is illegal...........buuuuuuut it really does not matter because this does not exist.

There is only one 3DS emulator for the desktop that I know of and it BARELY works.


I know there is one for DS, but that is a horrible user experience, because a phone/tablet just isn't set up like a DS.

I imagine the 3DS would be even worse on a phone...

gameboy games word great!

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I know Drastic works amazingly with newer builds... You just need an external controller otherwise emulation as a whole kinda sucks. I personally use the Red Samuari V2 and it works great.

The reason I was asking is because I thought it would be great to play New Leaf on a larger screen... The 3DS isn't large enough for what it does.

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