Legendary Doom & Quake Creators Romero And Carmack Teaming Up For New Shooter; Teasing Announcement On April 25

OH MAN!!!!!! What could this be?

The legendary founders of ID Software, John Romero and Adrian Carmack, seem to be teaming up for a new 1st person shooter.

Read more: http://wccftech.com/legendary-doom-teasing-announcement-april-25/#ixzz46RXQz6Xn


I'm assuming they're going to make the real DOOM 4 after having played the beta.


hehe Makes perfect sense

I wonder if this has any relation to the new shooter he said he was doing in 2014?

Also, I don't think Carmack has made a game since the 90s :s

He can still design some epic levels. His recent doom level was great.

On top of that, Daikatana anyone? One is rusty, the other is incompetent...

OK, but one level is easy. An entire new game is something different...

So my guess is we will be made John Romero's bitches with nice level design...

About the video, at least it was a keyboard, not an Xbox controller...


Admittedly I lost track of him after he left id. Of what I played of his early stuff it was awesome, it's good to hear he hasn't lost his touch.

The site is interesting. 'Night Work Games Ltd. is the dark and violent subsidiary of Romero Games Ltd' I wonder why they didn't develop this game under Romero Games.

Well here's hoping we get another great FPS game, one that we can enjoy online and on LANs.

I fucking hope so

Pretty exciting! Let's not forget though, it was JOHN Carmack that was behind a lot of the original awesomeness. Romero is awesome with design and Adrian is awesome as well, but it was John Carmack that made a lot of the original titles really come to life.

Still pumped.

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I hope it's Daikatana remake that doesn't suck. That would shake the entire gaming world almost as much as Half-Life 3 announcement :D

Clever video, I guess we'll see on the 25th.

I wish these two good luck and respect them but I have a bad feeling this isn't going to end well. The industry has come a very long way since these two were in the middle of it.

The good thing is I seem to remember them saying John Carmack was the one that didn't want the extra story in games so hopefully these guys will pull something nice off.

Even in the days of doom and quake I preferred Duke Nukem 3d because it was a lot more interesting. Sure it didn't have the graphics of quake which came out right after it(or the high system requirements) but it had all sorts of extras in it. You could use the bathrooms, had mirrors, jetpacks, the shrink ray, etc. It had tvs(showing the oj chase), subway cars, etc. Hell you could hit the balls on the pool table.

Get American McGee while you're at it.

Carmack, Romero and McGee: The Unholy Trinity!

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I never really cared much for Doom and Quake dodges thrown fruits and vegetables. I don't know who Adrian Carmack is, but I have heard of John Romero. I was doing housework and let Youtube go on autoplay and for some reason this video started playing that featured John Romero playing Doom with this guy from IGN. He just seemed like a really nice guy, I hope this works out for the both of them:)

I'm with Commodore 256. American McGee's Alice is one of my favorite games ever:)

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John Carmack was mostly engine. With tools like the unreal engine and unity around, that isn't as important.

The best level design was Romero and American McGee. They better call him.

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i'm going to be annoyed if we don't at least find out the sub genre (single player, multiplayer, both? fast arcady or slow and tactical) and the art in this announcement in a little over an hour...

I don't even want to care about it. If I get hyped I'll get disappointed. I rather not care, until it's out, and then check it out...
Basically "Hey guys, we are thinking about doing something" and people get hyped...

thats where i was like 5 years ago. Now i'm at the point, where i'm just happy if it doesn't look like complete shit and there is a small possibility that i might actually like it. Like lawbreakers, it doesn't look good, it just looks like i might extract some enjoyment from it.

I would make a mod of a game, but i wouldn't be able to enjoy it, i would be too busy supporting it. Maybe once the industry becomes more friendly for the monetization of mods, i'll be able to justify the work. At the moment it seems like its mainly just a way to get your foot in the industry, and i don't want to get into the industry.

Thank fuck. All we have left to do is convince John to leave Faceboob and do what has to be done.