Legal issues with use of drones in Alabama at high school sports games?

So I'm part of a "broadcasting class" that's starting up at my high school. Last year we didn't do much but this year we're actually going to try to do a lot since our studio is almost fully up and running (I have to go in and hook up a few extra monitors and deal with the joys of LAN video streaming and then we're on, should I do a thread about how we set up our studio?) of course one of the first things we hear about is "YALL SHOULD FILM FOOTBALL GAMES!" because of course, we should film football games. (and other sports events) My immediate thought was "Oh good grief the rough asphalt and gravel will destroy our camera dolly". My second thought was "We'll never really be able to get a good angle will we?" and my third thought was "...this might be a good excuse to play with an expensive camera drone."

I asked my broadcasting teacher, who is not computer-illiterate but is not "a nerd" either (bear that in mind while reading this) about it, mostly wondering if we could get a grant or something for purchasing the drone. She told me something to the effect of "oh yeah we had someone try that once, and the police came and told them they couldn't fly drones on a high school campus". (that is not verbatim, that's ~ what I remember)

We're around Huntsville, Alabama (think Redstone Arsenal and Marshall Space Flight Center) and I'm wondering if anyone knows about the laws regarding drones in Alabama. Was the policemen straight-up lying about this (I doubt it but could be)? Is there some kind of specific regulation they could've been breaking (for example, no UAVs over 100ft on a high school campus)? I'm trying to figure out a loophole with this, because if we get rid of the legal issues a drone would be absolutely amazing to have for us. We could use it for every sports event known to man, pep rallies, videos for important political nonsense, promo videos for various things, the list goes on.

TL;DR: A policeman apparently told someone they couldn't fly their camera equipped aircraft on a high school campus during a football game. We're in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Does anyone know about the laws regarding drones in Alabama? Loophole for this? I'm in a film class and we want a drone really bad.

I looked into the laws and the only laws was a bill that didn't pass regard drones harassing hunters:

So from what I can tell there really isn't a state law against it.

However, it could be a huge legal issue if someone where to get hurt from the drone failing and falling down on someone. The federal law is kind of vague as far as filming high school sports go:

Let me address something else:

I've actually filmed football and baseball games while I was at college (Graduated in 2011). Does your school not have portable camcorders you can use with tripods? You can get a lot of great angles with multiple cameras. For football in high school optimal would be 3 but you can work with two. You have one camera at center field. Then you have one camera dedicated to following were the ball is. Then you have a third focused on the players. Then you edit the footage together for a highlight reel because that's what you do in high school, probably some kind of high school news show.

Your school most likely doesn't want the legal headache that could come from handling a drone.