Legal Form for Computer Repair


Recently I've convinced my boss to let me start computer repair out of the store I work at (it's a small retail store for cell phones) I was always the guy that repaired cell phones and I convinced her that there's a real profit to be taken in computer repairs (virus removal being the biggest one, but also hardware repair/replacement).

I've been doing this on my own for years, but with it being at an actual business I see the need to get some sort of legal document to have the customer sign that protects us in some sort of legal fashion. The biggest issue I see would be loss of data, where I've always been very careful, she's talking about bringing people on and I don't know how experienced they are. 

So here's my question, do y'all have any sort of generic legal document that you have your customers sign? Is there one that I could use that's already been done up? Is it worth paying someone to write one up/take the time to write one myself? 

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simple forum saying that we are cannot be held responsible for lost personal data from work performed is an easy out. a more complicated out is listing all of the work you will be performing and  having a statement saying that  if something goes wrong with virus removal  transfer of files from one hdd to another  we will do our best to recover them but can not give  a 100% guarantee that  it will be successful and in the event of failure we are not liable for any information lost.   or something along those lines.  im not a legal guru but sometimes keep it simple for the stupid works best.


Banana guy's repair shop

Banana guy's repair shop , and all employees and staff , are not to be hold resposible for data loss or dammage  that occurs during any of the following tasks , these include , but  are not limmited to : Virus removal , PC upgrades , etc .

We will do our best to recuperate any lost data , but we can not guarantee it .


A proper warning about data loss should also be given , and when I did pc repairs / removals , I always gave back the old hdd in an external enclosure as an option if I was upgrading , EG to an ssd , and I would have a big ~2-3 TB hdd that you back up the hole HDD that you are cleaning of viruses .

You can of course charge the user a little extra for the external enclosure or the backing up of the files .

PS, I would modify the above , as I used something similar , but I don't have the paper .

Thanks guys, this is great

If you google "computer repair waiver" you get a tone of PDF examples, such as.....