Legacy Radeon Mobility Card - FAILED TO INSTALL AMD Driver on Windows 10 for CC

So last night I was having some issues with my HDMI output on my old laptop. It was plugged into the tv but Windows 10 would not recognize it.

Anyway so I did some playing with the settings to try and get my HDMI to work 'it never had issues on linux or other versions of windows that were on this' the laptop is about 10years old and has a legacy ATI 2600M gpu in it. The last catalyst control driver for this was released in 2011.

So after no luck with trying to get windows 10 to work with the tv, I tried to install the CC driver from AMD, for this card .. When I did Win 10 BSOD and shit itself... after a 10m restart process and getting back into normal windows I tried once again to use existing settings to extend the screens... I finally did get it working but unfortunately no luck at all with Catalyst Control Center.

Apparently earlier today when my sister was using the laptop it went BSOD again with a gpu error. I cannot understand why windows struggles so much with legacy device drivers or why it cant just let us install the proper ones from AMD for these devices.

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