Left4Dead is about teamwork!?

honistly your rarely going to get a perfect team but when you do its GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!


but really, thats just the way things go. Some times you get good teams some times you get bad teams, unless you only play with your friends that is, then you only have one or the other.

Absolutelly agree,I discovered this on Battlefield 2 from EA,every troop(player) even medic even support turns into assault when they were thinking only if they ll survive and on the score,medics weren t healing teammates if supports did not gave ammo and when i tried to get on plane someone TK me and took it from me :D that s why i m not gonna get Bad company for pc .... And i thin 8 yr old childrens playing games it s gonna be normal :D , I have not played L4D but heard a lot from friend.I got CSS last year from ideas of great co-op talking through microphones and the truth?half of team have mic half of the half don t use it and when they tell something it s someone s lame and things like that ... but it s better than play with bots :D