Left4Dead is about teamwork!?

I was playing left4dead online vs mode the other day and I was in a really good team, everyone had headsets and looked after each other making sure people didn't take damage from the special infected and healing each other up when we got hurt. It really made me think 'this is what a co-op game should be' Unfortunately the next day I was put in a team of fools. two of them ran through the level as if they were trying to speed run it or something, I had to go back and save the other guy on my team from falling off the roof and naturally we both died from the specal infected. Then the two morons who were in the safe room started insulting us and saying we 'should have been faster' Seriously, left4dead is a team game, when people don't play it as a team game it falls apart really fast, taking all the fun with it.Â

Anyone else have an opinion on this, or had an encounter with some people who don't know what co-op means?

Yup, most of the kids in L4D just think about themselves, do speed runs and bash players who suck calling them noobs. It's a lot worse on the xbox too. Usually if I join a game with players like that, I leave immediately to try and find a better game. It's best to play with friends though, there's never any problems like that when you do pre-mades.

I cant express how much i hate the people who somehow miss the big red outline of the hunter that is tearing my fucking face off a couple of meters away from them.

All they have to do is hear me asking for help and then quickly look around to see where i am so they can melee it off me.
And another thing that really pisses me off is people who shoot the hunters off me while playing on expert, but they cant shoot for shit so they end up taking off 3/4 of my god dam health.

Oh well i guess i cant expect everyone to be at least competent in L4D.

Wat is teamwurk?

But it seems like those two were working as a team...just the two of them.

sigh This is why I have given up on online gaming for a while. A good 3/4 of the population are either immature kids, or ragequitters. Its very hard to find a decent team.

OH lols i hate playing L4D in a pub

only play with people you know

but yah the game really depends on whos playing

wow what a discovery!!! omg l4d co-op game?!?!

 Indeed this game is completly about playing with friends, i didnt like searching for games as its just not the same, so i generally wait for friends to come online and play with them and play summit else in the meantime.

I dont care aslong as i can play as boomer i versus

I don't know why everyone is blaming the lack of good coop on "immature kids" I've never even seen a player younger than 17 playing it.

The people stuffing the games up are usually just retarded.

Thats funny, cuz whenever I play it I end up in a server full of screaming 10 year olds

Thats funny, cuz whenever I play it I end up in a server full of screaming 10 year olds

ive only played with one "lil kid" we fucked with him so bad like team killing him and not letting out of the closet he raged and left


never even seen a player younger than 17 playing it.

This statement is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read on the Internet.

Even when reading about Team Fortress 2 updates, this has to be - no, this MUST be the most ridiculous thing I've read in my entire life.

I'm Australian and only play on Game arena servers, maybe that's why i never find kids.
I play just about every day too.

Sorry if the US is full of turd faced kids.

It's not just the US that gets these kids unfortunately, I'm in the UK myself. It's a pretty worldwide problem there's a video on youtube called 'left4dead angry 8 year old' with an 8 year old aussie kid running his mouth off, I recomend watching it just for the lulz.


Needs more FPS lag.

Never had 8 year old kids n l4d... ^^