Left 4 Dead free 24 hours this friday!

Yeah...if you never played L4D it's the time to try it! You can pre-load it now on steam to be ready tomorrow.

If you like it it'll probably be around 20$ next week...I'll probably buy it, I won't pay 50ish dollars for that tho.

Awful game.

MeGotRice wrote 3 minutes ago ยป

Awful game.


And Stalker too, ugh.

STALKER was an ugly game.

All games are shitty.

because you're bad. play a real game, like crouching medium kick quarter circle fierce puncher version 4 you fucking baddie.

Not all games are shitty.

I can name some that arent:




Every game you guys listed sucks. Face it, all games fucking fail, the only good game I've ever played was Halo, and that's not ever gonna happen again.


Games - Epic failures!

Did nate really say battletoads omfg that game was so hard and pissed me off but yea most new games i buy and play threw like 50% then get bored. still playing tf2 everyday though

Console gamers force developers to make simple games so they don't get angry when they cant blow through it in a couple of hours.

Left 4 Dead is not worth the 40 something dollars it is right now. At most, I would pay $20 for that game. There is hardly any content. It gets old quite fast.

Get it together Valve!

Still waiting for much more multiplayer content, such as larger co-ops and versus. Lan parties would be tons of fun with large co-op and versus stages, with like 16 people or more. It would be even crazier and funnier to take part in these large games.