Left 4 Dead Barricade Mod almost complete


My barricade mod is in beta stages And is soon to be complete within the week

it will be a lot like Gmod sandbox you will have a time limit "10 minuets" to build your forts,

it cant be a fort that no one can get in or out scripts will detect it and warn you.

working on a phyics gun like in gmod but it will be a hand

and the prop menu is almost complete


in other news

things i would like to do

- prop Coloring tool

- sysop,admin,vip skins "Shirts that say VIP or Admin on the back"

- Full rank system that tracks kills,deaths,head shots ect...

- Full HUD redesign

- Make zombies aware that there is props in front of them

looks like it'll be pretty badass

cool stuff man

damn that sounds pretty sweet. time to buy l4d