Left 4 Dead 2 issues [Fixed]

Recently I went to play Left 4 dead 2, but every time I go ingame after about 15 seconds, my monitor turns black and says there is no input signal yet there is still sound coming from my speakers as if the game is still running fine, to fix this I have to turn my pc off and back on, and every time I play it, the same thing happens. I have never had this issue with the game in the past, and currently Guildwars 2, Crysis 2, and other games all run with no issues, it's just L4D2.

The first thing I did when I went on the game was turn V sync off, and then I think I turned multi core rendering on, I tried the game turning vsync on and multi core rendering off with no difference.

Does anyone know why it would be doing this? It's very strange to me I have never experienced a problem like this before.


tried to reinstall it?

Or reinstall windows? I don't have any other guesses mate



I'll try reinstalling it, I tried changing settings over and over with no success.

Ok, just reinstalled the game and turned off windows compatability which for some reason was on windows vista mode, after spectating for a while ingame I assumed the problem  was gone, then approximately 15 seconds after I spawn as a boomer, it happens. So it's obvious it has something to do with actually playing as  a character, I still don't get this.

If it just happens, after it was working fine since a long time, I assume they (steam, the servers, Valve?!) have got some problems. I would just wait. Happened to me a view times on counter strike.

I fixed it, well it's not a desirable fix but it got it working, apparently turning off ingame steam overlay fixes it after some googling, I will do more tweaking tommorow to see what else I can do.

Ok, I tried changing some resolutions and such, then turned ingame overlay on once again, no sign of the problem occuring so far, so hopefully the resolution change (to what it should be) has fixed it for whatever reason, and I get to keep the overlay.

Try to change it later, lets see if it crashes again XD. Seriously, did you find out what it was?

I have no idea what was causing it, it's completely random but I just played about 4 matches of versus without a problem, so it's all good now lol (hopefully). 

jeah, try to adjust it later, let's see if it crashes again XD