LED strips


I really want just a small compact LED light or strip to sit behind my monitor and light up my wall, and it needs to be able to light up green. I don't want one of the 16.4 foot ones because my desk is 5 ft and it would be a total waste, any ideas? Thanks.


Buy two of those, then. Wire them to a 12V adapter.

Should I buy 2 adapters? And can you send me which one I should buy? Thankyou

i recently purchased a similar led light strip from this seller.


I know you said you didnt want the % meter strip, but it's a lot cheaper and easier to do so.


Be sure to change the options to include the remote and power supply.

These are RGB. you can use the remote to choose brightness, patters, and even colors. up to 16 million different color choices.

You can cut at every 3 LEDs, so you can cut it to size.

This way you can use just one power supply, and not have to do any wiring.

Also, the part that you cut off can be wired up and reused for something else.

This sounds great, but when I looked in the options for "type" it said either "no power supply and no controller" or "44 button controller" Does that mean I should buy the power supply separately?

That's really weird. It should look like this