LED ICC Profiles (need sources)

Hi all. Ive left the lounge for a bit to gather some information from the community.

Whos the LED panel expert on this here forum or at least guru?

need to know if https://laptopmedia.com/

is legit or at least a decent source for calibrated icc.

I would love to know where to find nicely calibrated files before paying any money. I hope we can group think this one into awesomeness

Every display is a unique and special snowflake.

How accurate are you talking here?

I wonder if it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a L1 Community calibration tool that we ship around with USPS flat-rates or something.

I intend to use someone elses ICC profile with my next monitor, and but these reviews with profiles are really difficult to find

Guess what. I got the serial number of the ICC profiles on laptopmedia after calling them. My panel was manufactured in the same batch as it happens 6 panels after the one they used to calibrate. Do you think it would differ much? I got lucky and was able to get this information from the OEMs.

I would fricken love that

I posted in LL about it, to see if there would be any legal issues for that.


That’ll be close enough for government work.

If you really need to have perfect reproduction, you’ll need your own tool to calibrate, but you’ll know if you need one.

They are extremely nice. My panel is unfortunately blue biased due to its very high brightness (700 cd/m2) The profiles seems to make all the colors perfectly neutral. Its a very nice set a profiles. Apparently they did extensive lab work to reduce the PWM flicker from the profile intensity wise. I love looking at my laptop now. Even more than my desktop

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