Leaving console gaming behind....help

So as the title imples. I am leaving console gaming behind. And stepping into the world of pc gaming. Only one problem. IDK  what hardware i should get for the build! So i figured i would ask for suggestions on ptential builds. Now i have a budget of $1100. Also since i am new to pc's and building them. Im not really looking into overclocking. I would just like a pc that will give me the most performance for my buck. Without having to oc.  Amd/Intel i really dont care. I dont know much about either to try and even choose sides. So Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Here, it's cheaper than your budget and will do great uses some of the best price to performance parts out right now, leaves in room for 1080p monitor, keyboard, mouse, porno site subscription, etc.

I 100% agree with CaptainPip on what he posted. Perfect build, and you have money left over for other things

Ok thanks. Now how would this handle most games? As far as settings and resolution?

I think I could do better than CaptainPip, but do you need a keyboard, mouse, operating system, monitor, and speakers in addition to the actual computer tower?

Sorry if i wasnt clear. $1100 is just for the pc build. everything else i already have...

You can run all games maxed out on 1920x1080. I just built an EXTREMELY identical build. Should be within 10 of the top posts in the "Build a PC" section.

I'll be posting benchmarks of the build later today if you're interested.

Ok, and are you using this explicitly for gaming or are you going to be video rendering, 3d modeling, or doing very heavy multitasking as well?

Come at me bro.

I jest, but yeah he could do a lot better working in a $1100 price range, I was just going for somthing reasonably priced and with leaving a lot of room. I always figure people who are new to building PC's throw out a high budget because they thinks that's how much is required to get into it.


If you're really intent on throwing money on hella rig, this'll be about the best you'll get with a big of room for a 64gb SSD or another 8gb or ram if you wish.

nope. just gaming and everyday usage. 

This is what I would do: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GOFS

I'd probably save up some money and buy a really nice CPU cooler as an upgrade later on too. Either that or you could skimp on the case a little and grab a CPU cooler.

Vortex88's build is good, but that case (atleast to me) is expensive! If looks of a case is important to you, go spend the extra money. :)


Ok thanks. Now since i wont be oc. I should be fine with the stock cpu cooler right? Also with the ssd/hdd combo. I have heard that a 60gb ssd is enough for the os and drivers only. which is what i would be using it for. and  everything else would goon the hdd. Is this right?

Yeah, the case is a little expensive, but I've been really liking Corsair's cases recently, especailly the 400R and 500R. I personally don't like skimping on the case, but that's just me. It's easier to upgrade a CPU cooler later (now that every case has huge holes in the motherboard tray) than it is to upgrade a case.

I'd honestly say mine is a little better since it keeps in 1866 ram and a 990FX board. I feel like setting up and SSD on his first build would be more trouble than it's worth for him.

That was the old methodology when SSDs first started coming out. Now 120GB is the sweet spot because the prices on SSDs has gone down, and now you can put your OS, drivers, most used programs, and a couple of games on the SSD. That will give you fast boot times, and your programs will load up instantly when you click on them. For games, an SSD will improve load times, so you won't have to stare at a loading screen for nearly as long. You can still go with the 60GB route, but a larger 120GB SSD is going to make everything on your computer run a lot smoother, rather than just getting the small benefit of faster boot times.

Thats my concer aswell. i know how to insatll the os on the ssd. But idk how exactly i would keep everything else from getting on the ssd as opposed to the hdd.

Please explain to me how putting an SSD in the system will make it more complicated...it's not rocket science. I'm sure he's fully capable of installing different programs on different drives according to his own preferences. First time builders aren't complete imbiciles.

Furthermore, you're not going to see a noticeable difference between 1866mhz RAM and 1600mhz RAM, and the only real benefit you get out of 990FX is the ability to do quad SLI and Crossfire. He can still do dual crossfire with the board I picked out, and he has the wattage to back it up.

Any time you install anything on your computer it will ask you where you want the folder to be. Just set up your own folder during the installation rather than allowing the program to do it all for you. It's extremely straight forward.

Yea makes sense... Now would i be fine going with a 60gb ssd as oppsed to the 128gb? Just for the os which would be windows 7 home pre. 64 bit and the drivers needed.