Leave Skype, but where to go?

The title says it all. I have only one idea: Get away from Microsoft in every aspect of my life.
So far I blocked out Microsofts servers and update stuff with a external firewall. Except for one: Skype
I had one idea on where to go in the era after Skype. Telegram! Turned out it wanted a phone number. I see my phone number as pure gold for any company so I keep it of the internet.

Out of ideas & in search for help, I am here now.

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Mumble, its free. And you can host your own server easily off something like a raspberry pi!
You could even try Google hangouts, or team speak.

Theres a few guides on how to join mumble servers on here, haven't seen one on setting a server up tho. Shouldn't be too hard.

Discord. Very fluid, very simple, fairly private. Once you create a server it's invite only, and you can run it in a browser and never have to use the client.


Another for Discord. It's a fantastic app. You can actually have multiple servers for your different groups of gaming buddies and such. Great way to talk in games, but if you're trying for video chat for keeping in touch with people idk how to help you. Probably Google would be best for that.

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tox and mumble are good for me
discord isn't on linux no tux no use

If you use chrome, you can use hangouts right inside the browser. Nothing to install. But leaving Microsoft then using Google..... That's up to you. The other apps I'm seeing in earlier posts sound interesting enough I might do some exploring myself!

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IRC and Mumble or Tox. Definitely not Teamspeak, Google Hangouts, Discord, or any proprietary software with a shitty privacy policy.

I actually really like Telegram. I certainly haven't gotten any calls I didn't want since starting to use it -- I was leery as well, but it seems to just be a useful unique identifier in this case.

You should be on Facebook like a real hipster. :D

Tox and Discord!

Discord's Voice and text data is encrypted.

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Discord it is! Thanks for the help!

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Tox and Teamspeak.. Teamspeak is far better than mumble PERIOD

I really like Discord. Looking into all of its features at this point.

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I thought I would also try Discord just to see what it was like and to be honest I quite enjoy it.

Simple setup and easily manageable permissions - does what I need :)

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