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Least noisy 2060 Super

Hi, does anyone happen to know which 2060 Super variant is the most quiet? I don’t really care about a few percent more or less performance, just that it is as quiet as possible.

Since nobody really answered your question let me first say hi and welcome.
Here are my two cents about the issue.
Get a triple fan card. Three fans can push the same air as 2 fans, just at lower Peed, therefore lower noise.
2060 super is fairly cool anyways, so even dual fan designs should be quiet enough unless they really screwed up the fans.
I would if I could, avoid the zero RPM mode. Not that it’s bad, but on start, there is noticeable rattle noise most of the times and that’s fairly annoying. Let them spin constantly on low RPM and you may never notice the ramp up from 600 to 800, but jump from 0 to 800 is noticeable.

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The Asus RTX2060 Super Strix card is probably one of the better cards.
But it’s very likely that they are also the most expensive ones out there.

The EVGA cards are generally also pretty decent as well.

waterblock one ?

my strix cards have always been kinda loud under load… good overclockers though.