Learning new things

I'm in a cyber defense team. I'm hoping to do great at it. It will probably be mostly Window's, but I just want to learn more. We will be doing in a country wide contest, lost of company looking for people to higher. Which fancy's my pants. I'd love to learn, youtube videos and such, I'm running Ubuntu Gnome 15.04, virtual machine for windows, no GPU for the vm, tried to, didn't work. Any help would be great.

No no.

I mean its great that you want to learn linux, but you are doing things backwards here.

Find an old hard drive or something and install windows by itself on it. And actually if you had an old laptop, that would be even better.

The install Kali linux onto a flash drive.

Use the flash drive to break into windows.

Every time you successfully break into windows, try to go back and learn why and how it happened. Then use what you have learned to harden the security in windows to prevent that type of attack from happening.

Keep doing until you have hardened windows to the point where you can not break into it using conventional means.

That will get you through a decent amount of the competition.

I don't ever get viruses on Windows. I don't use any anti-virus or anything. Just my brain. I'll use malware bytes every few months to make sure, and 99.999% of the time I don't get a virus. I need to learn how to deal with it when it is in the system, how to get rid of it. And more. Also, I'd love to learn about networking also. I think that is needed for it also. If my team were to win. God damn, Logan would be happy if I were to get a job offer.(Donate to em')