Learning Linux for certification?

What is the best way to learn Linux for a LPIC1 certification? I use Linux mostly and I have the Linux Bible to hand most of the time when I need it.
What other books/videos would you recommend?


I've been using linuxacademy.com Hundreds of walk-through videos and you also get a handful of cloud servers to play on with various OS's running on them It's not free but I think it's worth it for the amount of information you can get out of it and the chance to actually practice some fairly complicated processes (think setting up multi-node AWS instances etc).

RHCSA will help you a lot more than LPIC.

Aren't Rhcsa difficult for someone who isn't even certified in lpic?

Yes, it's hard compared to LPIC/Linux+, but the cert counts for something. Linux+ means nothing for employability and from what I've read online LPIC is similar unless you get all 3 certs. RHCSA is the de-facto entry-level Linux cert. RHCE and RHCA are where it gets a bit harder.

Redhat posts the material covered on their exams, so with a few VMs and some self-determination you can get their cert for just the cost of the test. If you need to Google any of the things their exam objectives covers, don't expect to do well on the exam.

Take it centos will do fine for Rhcsa?

CentOS is pretty much RHEL without branding or support. So yes.

Aside from the branding changes, Cent is literally the RHEL source compiled and provided without support.

I'd say check out Linux Academy. Cost about $25 a month if you are up to paying that. I signed up a month ago and it's awesome. That is just my opinion on it though. Lots of videos and walk through which is helpful.

Completely support LinuxAcademy but if you want another option (free) try the Urban Pengiun

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