Learning Arch

Want to start learning arch for fun but don't know where to start. Any suggestions for tutorials? written or video is fine. Feel free to also post cool things you can do with arch once i get the hang of it. Thanks

If you don't know anything about arch I would start using manjaro first as it is arch based and can uses all of the arch repository's. So you can get uses to using pacman and yaorut.


i use this guide every time i install arch, its actually not very hard when its explained in steps.

you're going to have great fun figuring out xorg tho.

maybe backing post #2 here.

Want to learn Arch? Use it.

How do you expect to learn a distro if you're not using it?

Install it using the Arch Wiki read as you go it is a very solid manual.

The install isn't particularly hard (assuming you've not already installed it?), theres a reasonable good guide on the wiki. Command line partition managers are straightforward and easy to use, installing the system takes no time and very little experience necessary.

systemd has some good utilities when setting up parts of the system, you can use hostnamectl, timedatectl, localectl to set up the hostname, timezone and locale.

Most distros are very similar, just use and learn.

to my feeling setting the keyboard layout is actually the hardest part. i use azerty and it always seems to switch back to qwerty...

oh, and configuring xorg and what follows is pretty horrifying sometimes.

You configure xorg.. in this day and age? The only setting I need to set for xorg is the gb/uk keyboard layout and i do that by typing this:

localectl set-x11-keymap gb


it might be my amazing talent of breaking everything i touch, but i spent 2 days trying to get that exact thing to work...

Its generally pretty good these days, hopefully wayland will fix X once and for all.


You wish to learn arch, then the only way is to use it, seriously manjaro will not teach you arch, while a good beginners distro, its no where near as good as arch base.

Get onto the beginners guide and have fun! you will learn a lot trust me, I learned a lot about how my GPU and X works using this.