Learning a language

So im 16 and soon to hopefully be starting an IT Technician apprenticeship, were i will be at a high school doing IT help for the students and teachers, i love the physical part of working on computers and maintaining them but i would love to be able to make programs to round off my knowledge. i was wondering what the most overall useful language would be for me to try and learn. I have learnt a bit of java and Html before, i have read books on them and tried to put them into practice but i struggled, so if you know of any good ways to learn them, they would be very much appreciated. 

so to sum it up:

Good useful languages for beginners.

good way to learn

possible sites or youtube videos, even books but i don't have a lot to spend on books.

C based and C related langauges like C++,Java,Go etc..

Ruby,CSS,HTML, and SQL are very much needed for the web (while the last 3 are markup langauges)

And other ones for certain purposes like scripting (bash,python) or Games (python w/ or w/o pygame)

and learning is not just reading book and taking classes, but making stuff yourself, you'll learn the best with combinations of these three, not just one or two

for now, on the top of my head, I GREATLY reccomend Dennis Ritchie's "The Programming Language C" 4th edition

i don't know about a good place to learn C++, but i learned java on this website called LearnJavaOnline. given that i already know C++. but give it a try, you never know. and best of luck to you.


Learn C++ or Java. Search for Buckys C++ (he also does JAVA) and very recommended

Learn as many different languages as you can. Don't focus on a single language.

It is important to know algorithms and methodology, when you have that, you can quickly learn a new language whenever you need.

I disagree, learn a language and become fluent at that. After that you will see similarties in other languages.


Learn C, it is very easy and is the basis of pretty much every language worth knowing today(C++, Java, ...)