Learn How to Learn: Linux

In this video I talk about what the most effective and lest intrusive way to learn Linux is


I pin. Thanks for doing this bro.


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No Problem, just spreading my knowledge and trying to make Linux seem less daunting to people who might be wanting to try it.
The community won’t grow if we constantly have people telling everyone to just switch to Linux and replace Windows when it’s human nature to try and avoid change. We gotta ease them into it :stuck_out_tongue:


man man


part of it is piquing their interest in exploring!
its astounding how many people still think they can destroy a computer by hitting the wrong key!:rofl:
or like one of the clients i had didn’t know how to close a game so she just deleted it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Ive had to teach quite a few classes on basic computer use. and a few introduction to linux classes as well.

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Every Tech Class I’ve ever done has been useless for me. It was either cause the school had no idea how to teach it or I was just too far ahead to get anything from it. There was one really cool Tech teacher I had but he was technically a sub. I used to spend lunches in the computer lab learning html and css with him.


So one issue I take with running a server as a way to learn Linux (it’s the method I took ages ago though) is that you’re never fully invested. Most people can get shit done, as you said, on a user-friendly distro these days without any problems. If you don’t have some obscure hardware configuration, almost all distros run perfect out of the box and the software centers provided by the distro will allow users to find tools they need. I think using linux daily is the best way to get comfortable with it, but a server is the better way to expand your knowledge.

All in all though, good video. One thing that bugged me (it’s just a personal thing, kinda distracts me) is that your camera was auto-focusing all the time. I’d recommend setting it to MF and pre-focusing it before you start filming the shot.

It also seemed like you were losing your train of thought occasionally, for that, I’d recommend either a script or bullet-point notes so you can keep yourself sharp.

Other than that, looks good, you’ve got a sub!


Thanks bro.

Yeah, running it daily is alright, like I mentioned in the video though once you’re set up with everything you need it’s hard to learn more, or at least it was for me. Obviously it depends on the person, I was just sharing what worked best for me and throwing something else into the ring since using a server to learn isn’t really something I’d seen people talk about and it works well since it can integrate into any workflow without disturbing it.

The auto focus was annoying I’ll admit. I’m using my phone for recording cause it’s the best thing I’ve got. The default camera app was updated and remove a lot of the manual adjustments, especially with video recording. It’s also hard to set things up before hand cause I’m using the back camera for that sweet 4k and my sisters make up mirror so that I can at least see the screen and position myself properly in the scene. I’ve tried screen mirroring but I can never get it to work :frowning:

I did have Bullet points, that’s why you can occasionally see me look left of the camera, I just tend to ramble on a bit. I removed what I thought wasn’t needed but some stuff had to stay just so the video could flow a little better.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :smiley:


If you’re on Android, try OpenCamera. (it also let’s you take photos in raw)

I guess the main concern from my perspective was the silence that lasted 3-4 seconds. It was just a bit long.

You’re showing a lot of knowledge, so far and I enjoyed your other videos. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks keep up the great work :wink:

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Ah ok, I’ve had other people say the pauses were too long. I left them slightly longer just cause I wanted a bit of pause between each point, I didn’t think it was a problem, but obviously they should have been slightly shorter.

Thanks @MisteryAngel :smiley:

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I’m thinking about the opening segment. It just felt awkward, as if you had lost your train of thought.

If people need to take a minute to let something sink in, they can pause.

ok, I see what you’re talking about now. I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to say after failing a couple takes. It picks up a bit later on, I just needed to get into the flow of things :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, the rest of it was good, but the initial flow was a bit off.

yup, i second that, thats just how i learned it. started with red hat 6(???) or something like that on like a Pentium MMX or something before trying centos, fedora, and then just whatever I could find. The gui made it easy and still fun. i now have an ubuntu server, pfsense router, hackintosh media center, quad-boot laptop and triple boot gaming/prod pc, and it all started with that red hat install.
That said, we all learn differently. I may have been put off had i started with a server but another may not.

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I did address that when talking about replacing windows where I mention that the other methods might work for you, but the server method was just what I thought was most effective. The idea of the video isn’t to say “You must make a Linux server” it’s to say “A Linux server is another way to learn Linux and it was the most effective for me, it might be for you”.

Thanks for the Input :smile:

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yup youre right man, you did. i was just sharing my experience as well, just for anyone out there looking to jump into the deep end was all.

…i say as i am looking to drop my mint partition from my laptop in order to install it in virtualbox…but im not sure since the bootloader also loads chromeos…SOOOO many choices with linux, i love it!!!

Linux FTW!!!

Once again, thanks for the input.