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yeah it was when I discovered compositor, and kinda went nuts on it.


Depth data loading … 100%
Post Processing Algorithms … Nominal Efficiency
Node Graphs Propogating … Trees Reconstructed

Activate Anime Zoom Effect? (y/n)


i still havent finished my character model from a while ago :sweat:


While I am still spamming.

Reddit seemed to like this one.

Had lots of fun doing this ones, but boolean modifiers trashed my topology, so couldn’t make it look nice close up.

First rig.

again went nuts with Post-FX…


Tried to do Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, the topology ended up too bad for subsurf, so probably gonna redo from scratch.

That’s about all I got to show.


Edge Crease FTW! (have a look at the transform panel, add a subsurf and play with the values while you have edges selected.)


I hear booleans have improbed a lot, but what I typically do is quadrilateral loop cuts to retain the quads, then modify the geometry by scaling faces and setting angles


Akchually few more:

Lowpoly guns

Blender Internal, very old render. I followed Blender Guru tut. I think this might be one of my first renders.

And then there’s this weeb shit:


Yeah that’s not the problem, the problem is density and how I connected hood to the sides, and some details done prematurely.


you sill don’t want to use them, if you want to have any kind of topology afterwards…Like I admit it They are sometimes useful, but I usually have to discard most of the emerged topology to continue working with the model


yeah I don’t use them, I’ve just heard blender handles them less badly now


More work on this thing. I like the materials, and the overall idea of the design, but I think I’m going to scale back the top like suggested, and add more details to the bottom of the hilt.

Got a good beam by uing a super strong emitter (45) inside of a glass tube with .5 roughness. Gives it the softness I wanted. Online tuts only had the emission.


maybe mix in a weak volumetric on the blade to get that corona effect, and add an ovoid emitter in the hilt guard


I did the blade in compositor. Bloom and stuff.


Welp, time to look up what those things do and how to use them.


I was replying to the other person making a lightsaber


ones a stretched sphere emitter, just to fill out the guard a bit

for volumetric you just go into the node tree for the material, set the material, then link it to the volumetric output with a larger cylinder that will add more bounces to the light coming out of the glass tube, preferably at a very low strength and anistropy perpendicular to the source


I know, I meant it as another way to replicate the effect.


ah gotcha


Ohhh, I understand. Make the cage look like it’s capturing more light, and have a larger area for the light to bounce off of on the blade to give it the bloom.

Thanks. I’ll work on those. I prefer doing all I can in the model before using the compositor.


Yeah, “fix it in post” is a drink of the coward

a weak ambient volumetric would actually give you a really satisfying “god ray” effect out of the guard, too.

also, if you aren’t already using it, flimic blender with the log encoding base will give you way more dynamic range to play with on emitters