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  1. not my render

  2. yeah i know






Yeah, it was a quick render while I was working on my mug texture. Whoops.

The whole thing gave me problems because when I originally did it I may have accidentally set sizes to Meters instead of MM. So I had a 72Meter wide donut. So I have to reset the rotation, is all.

But the point is the awesome new textures, lol.


Working on a cliff now. Hopefully I find my own type of style soon. Will just be doing tutorials and learning until then.


You are all doing great, I had so much fun learning Blender. I should get back into it, but I’m way out of practice now.

I got a lot out of the Tutor4u videos:


Ohhh, more tutorials. I have a playlist I’m working through, I’ll add those to it!


How the heck didn’t I saw this blog earlier. Here is my almost 2 years old… thing I did. When L1T started.

I am horrible at materials but can 3D model. More used to Substance.


You can create the materials in substance (using PBR metallic/roughness) and plug the results directly into blender’s principled shader. That’s what I did in my scene as well.


I head about that yes. Well will try it out when I got time.


Wow, these are so good!

Works on most Linux distros, yeah?


Yeah, Substance is amazing, I modeled this in Blender, then added the materials & rendered in Substance. The eagle took many variants to get right.

I ended up converting a picture to a normal map using Gimp, then turning that into a material in Substance & using it as a stamp.



Anyone have a decent head modelling tutorial?

Hopefully with decent audio. I found one, but the guy is using reference photos that don’t actually line up at all so the 3d portion of modelling is hard to follow.


The blender store has a full character modelling tutorial.

The files are licensed under creative commons so you may even find a free, legal copy on the interwebz somewhere.


Is one made by the same person who did the doughnut


blender guru has a whole series

he also built a pbr instant import texture plugin


That’s for an object, was searching for more of a distinct head tut.


I’ll look for a legal copy, thanks!



still from a WIP abstract loop animation