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Eevee is realtime, it was never meant to replace cycles. It’s for game devs and mockups.


Everything is an animation now. :wink:


FWIW, the reason cycles has so much trouble with glass, is because it’s a very faithful to physics render engine. It “cheats” a less than other raytracers, going for emulation instead of approximation.

This has the unfortunate side effect of making the artist cheat around it’s faihful reproductions sometimes, but the core is what makes PBR and other modern techniques so nice to use with it.


I wonder how difficult it is to render fractals in Blender? Does that require writing some python?


you can do recursive loops in animation nodes, so actual scripting isn’t necessarily required.


I have a new scene I want to work on, but I’ve been rendering this 10 second animation for the last 13 hours. Damn my love for glass based particles.




Its already my profile pic so no steally =P


Watch me o_o

I use Debian and Fedora simultaneously kek.


everyone will confuse you for me.

Im the fedora shill so it makes sense that it be my profile pic


Final render:

There’s obviously still quite a bit of noise but I’m done with this scene for now. Overall I like how it turned out.

@kreestuh Need some promo shots for the milkraptor bar & lounge? :smiley:


Scene Progression:



Just added to TODO on the Kanban:

  • Change username to Dje1234
  • Change avi to Spinning Fedora/Infinity Symbol
  • Change description to The Fedora Shill

Then, phase 2 of my campaign shall begin


I can do that.


Haha you even added the stripes!


The metallic wall adds quite a bit to the picture’s noise, but it had to be done. No excuses! :smile:


Animation is finally done. Only like 20 total hours of rendering for this crapshoot.

My friend told me he wanted me to make a diamond.

Never rendering diamond animations again.

Did a still, too.


Redid my donuts and table with an awesome new node system I’m using. Multi-tonal frosting and marble counter.

Procedural 4


why is the seam on the second donut still level


Looks like you’re using generated texture coordinates instead of UV