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I had to use high samples for the light reflection on the legs or I got fireflies. Clamping messed with the flowers too much. And denoising pixelated them pretty badly.

Im rendering on a 290x, so yeah, it’s gonna be pretty slow, lol.


shouldn’t be that much slower than a 1070 for compute unless the blender OCL backend is atrocious


the 290x is on par with a 980, not a 1070, lol.

Either way, I’m going to be upgrading to a 1070Ti very soon.

8GB of Vram will be great.


for compute they’re a lot closer than gaming.


TFW you want to play monster hunter but you’re rendering a title animation




IRL the starts wouldn’t be visitable because of the shine of the planet. I get it that it’s for artistic reasons, but I would dial them down a bit.

Nice texturing tho


You are technically correct. Both the best and worst kind of correct :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll just say that Phantom made a composite exposure :wink:

Thinking of cool effects, can you fake a long exposure in Blender @Phantom
Star trails in the background?


There is a motion blur setting, yeh.

Also yeh, just needed a background to throw the planet on while I’m using it for something else.


Weird shit happens when you put an object into a mirror sphere.


I edited my cave project so it has continuity with the planet and Alienscape I posted previously.


Blender 2.79 plays very nice with Radeons. Also there is Radeon Pro Render until EEVEE which is better than Cycles for most things. YMMV.


they’re 2 completely different types of renderers


Ya. That is why I listed it as an option for Blender.


it isn’t “better.”

one’s realtime, one’s a raytracer. they have completely different use cases.


And for what I do Radeon Pro render does a better job. That is qhy I said YMMV, cause it is dependent on what you do. And the preview window is much faster.

You mad bro?..


I wasn’t talking about pro render, and neither were you:

what are you rambling about


That is a bad quote. Splicing it where you did makes it misleading.

I prefer Radeon Pro Render to Cycles, but I like EEVEE’s preview window and am interested to use it and see what it has to offer in a production ready version.


No, it’s a bad sentence, because you put the subordinate clause in a place that makes it completely ambiguous.

This is a much better way to phrase things.

Like I said though EEVEE is really only going to help game devs and motion graphics animators (unless they completely unify the shaders between the two)